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Has anybody grown salvia Amistad? How do you rate it? Is there a difference between Pineapple sage and Tangerine? I grow pineapple and its foliage is wonderfully scented but I don't know Tangerine

Pineapple and tangerine sage are both names for Salvia elegans. I agree, lovely scent, but neither pineapple nor tangerine to my nose.

I looed up S. 'Amistad', that looks very nice, haven't seen it for real though.

To me the pimeapple sage has a very strong, er pineapple, fragrance but only if you touch it or brush against it. Later, perhaps when sitting down, that wonderful smell is on your clothes. Just wondered though if Tangerine smells of orange or just another name for the same plant

I shall have to have another sniff, next year it will have to be. I can't keep it through most winters (just occasionally comes through) and I didn't have any this year. But they both seem to be Salvia elegans so maybe it's like the colour varaitions in Salvia microphylla - all one species but different cultivars.

I must get some more next year though, I've missed it being about.

To have lippia citriodora and salvia elegans either side of the door or along the pathway in summer is lovely. Throw in heliotrope Chatsworth with its vanilla/cherry pie scent and on a warm Summer day it's intoxicating. Lily Regale in June too is fantastic. Roll on next summer!



Roll on indeed, bound to be a better one next year.

Though I do love the winter shake up and restylings and looking out for the first bulbs. 


S. Amistad looks a real beauty, I take it this is a new variety that should be around next year?

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