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This is the third Sambucus that i have planted. First a lovely golden one. We had it for many years till it out grew it's space. Second and third plants where the black varitty. Ihave had them now for two years and both seasons something has eaten the leaves. The leaves open then latter in the year about July time they are all nibbled.. No sign of caerpillars etc .Any ideas please.


If the edges are nibbled it could be Vine Weevil, any chance of a photo.

I suggest slugs may be the problem. I seem to struggle with elders myself. They like moist good soil but seem temperamental on my ground. Is ground too dry....leaves will abort then

Defo slugs- they have been at my 2 dark leaved ones.  Beer trap or pellets is the best option.  My garden is full of slugs and snails this year, must be all the damp weather we have had.  My garden also has many frogs and toads, but I still have a slug problem!

Thank you all for your replies. Hope it is just slugs and not vine  weival. My garden has been a wash with slugs as well. Just didn't think they would eat shrub leaves.



Yes, they will decimate shrub leaves

Any one go a friendly hedgehog. One used to visit quite often but haven't seen it for ages

Pennine Petal
There was a good guide to leaf problems in August GW mag showing the damage that different pests do to leaves. I have found it useful for identifying the little b***ers!

I saw the same artical. didn't match up with anything have cut it down and wait till next year. see if same thing happens again.

Give it good feed and mulch then so it. Will roar away next spring. Torch at night and salt solution in bucket too next spring n summer and catch slugs

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