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05/06/2014 at 19:51

Hi folks - you may remember me telling you about  a thin spindly seedling that came up with my celery, and I took a pic when it got bigger, and some people thought it might be a form of salad leaf, but I didn't fancy eating it.  Well, it has grown on a bit, and has now come up with a pink flower that looks like a feather duster!!  So I am pretty sure that someone will be able to identify it now, but I would love a name, so that I can figure out what on earth I am going to do with it!!  It is exactly the sort of thing I would never grow in a month of Sundays, but I am a firm believer that accidents in the garden can be the start of unexpected love affairs, so you never know.....!



05/06/2014 at 19:56

Bit early to tell but looks like Astilbe to me.


05/06/2014 at 19:56

It looks like an Amaranthus to me

05/06/2014 at 19:58
05/06/2014 at 20:02

Are the chicken and mushroom noodles any good? 

05/06/2014 at 20:04

I'm with Ll

05/06/2014 at 20:16

Supernoodle, to be fair, they are hit and miss.  Sometimes you get a right good load of noodle and sauce, and sometimes it's like they forgot to fill the container.  I don't eat them myself, but our foster children have an emotional attachment to the Pot Noodle ...  (whatever you are thinking guys, is probably spot on)  So every now and again, we indulge them, but won't pay a quid for them, so they get the Tesco version .  Disclaimer: the foster children eat a healthy balanced diet of home grown, organic fruit and vegetables (photographic proof available), and noodles are an occasional 'treat'. 

Where was I?  Yes I think Lilylouise you have got it (by Jove!).  The flower is like astilbe, but I just went out and checked and the leaves are more like Love lies bleeding.  That is a real name to conjure with.  My dad grew some when I was about six - I remember being quite struck with the name, and the plants too.  So I will do some reading and work out where it can go!!!  Thanks guys xx

05/06/2014 at 21:47

Oooh- I've grown some of these from seed this year- I didn't know the flower head appeared like that- I'll keep an eye out for them.

The leaves on my mine are a solid maroon colour- I assume the flower will be the same as there wasn't a photo on the packet

06/06/2014 at 05:19

Recently I read that there is an edible Amaranthus, is this the plant that was mentioned in the article?

06/06/2014 at 08:51

Victoria the leaves of this one have been very red, right from the start, but if you google images, most of the leaves are green on the fully grown plants - whether this is a varietal difference or they go green as the plant develops I don't know.   But the leaves definitely look the same shape.  Invicta, when this plant first appeared on Plant ID, one or two people thought it was something to eat, but I didn't take a chance!  But I saw that too when I googled it, and I also saw that they are annuals which grow to 3 - 8 feet tall.  8 feet from an annual?  Maybe they are perennials in their home country, which allows them to get that big.  Not sure where I would put an 8 foot plant at the moment...

06/06/2014 at 09:08

For some reason I thought they were HHP, but on that article above it says HHA...

06/06/2014 at 09:11

Maybe they can be either - like rudbekia?  My dad had some perennial rudbekia outside the house when I was a kid, but most seed packets are for annual rudbekia.  I will never know with mine, given that I don't even know what variety it is!

06/06/2014 at 09:24

Turns out I was telling fibs- I just dug out the seed packet and it says hardy annual...

It says they're going to be 150cm- that is a lot of growing to do

Mine are called Velvet Curtains. I'll see how they get on. Some are getting chewed in the border so Ive kept spares on one side...

06/06/2014 at 10:16

Do yours look like mine?  150cm - hmm - I'd better go check if it is pot bound then. 

06/06/2014 at 10:31

 Oh yes, these roots do look a bit ambitious, don't they.....


06/06/2014 at 10:33

 That's better.  Should be okay in this pot for a couple of weeks while I work out where to put a triffid!

06/06/2014 at 11:36

I think they look the same (ignoring health levels )

I wouldn't have recognised it without LL's ID though... And to be honest I was already confusing it with a plant that has long purple brown dreadlocks, which I don't know what it's called.

Do you know if these are the same small plants with fuzzy heads that come in neon sort of colours like bright pink and yellow?


06/06/2014 at 12:26

Well now, I thought that it was one of those things - know exactly what you mean, but I think they are a member of the grass family??  Yours is very red, isn't it!  My older leaves are getting greener, which fits in with the google images with green leaves.  I thought it was the long deep red dreadlock plant, and tbh, if your variety of it is called 'velvet curtains', then I think that is what you can expect.  I reckon that although my one is sticking bolt upright, once the plant gets established they will be big drooping flowers. 

06/06/2014 at 18:44

Celosia - not a grass after all!

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