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Hi All,

It is more than flesh and blood can stand, you envisage an ornamental grass border in the late summer with heleniums, achilleas and asters (all I love) wafting amongst the fluffy heads.  After 4 years of fighting the slug fight, I have given up.  Not even beer traps, grit, egg shells will stop them. I have a hedgehog - he must be on a diet.  I have frogs - they must be picky. I am done spending money on slug food.  

So, please anyone, do you have any ideas for replacements/alternatives that slugs hate?  I have day lilies, echinacea, rudbeckia and agastache.  But I would love to replace the heleniums, achilleas and asters that will not make it again this year.

All suggestions will be gratefully received.

Amanda, plants I like and grow too..echinaceas, agastaches, heleniums, etc and grasses.

I would use nematodes there.  In anorther current thread I have suggested picking off slugs etc at night.  It's very effective

Too many pellets attract slugs n snails too.  Just few scattered around is just as effective.  


Picking off the slugs at night with tweezers and blue pellets does work. The problem is Vine Weevils and Caterpillars can be more destructive and less slugs can mean more food for them.

Hi guys, thanks for your suggestions.  I meant to say that the nematodes I have already applied, to some effect I have to say, but not enough.  I have picked them off, I have used beer traps, I have done everything that anyone has ever told me, even the ash trick.  All to no avail.  I am done trying,  I need another approach.  

I want to plant something that they don't eat.  They don't eat weeds, (or wild flowers) or poppies, geraniums, day lilies, celandines, euphorbias or a multitude of other things.  I would like to know of any late flowering tall-ish flowers that would look good with grasses that other people have tried and in their experience, have not been eaten by the demon gastropod?

Any answers would be gratefully received.




I meant to say also that I don't use pellets, any type due to the wildlife in my garden.






Slugs and snails do tend to spend the day under stones, logs, slabs, ivy and other plants.  I've taken to moving items to find them during the day aswell as going out after  

dark with a torch, especially if its been raining as they move around more easily.

Good luck


I have a lot of trouble with slugs and snails and have given up on the most vulnerable plants as a result. 

Japanese anemones don't seem to be troubled, nor do most hardy geraniums, yarrow and penstemons and they can all be late flowerers depending on the variety.

Hi Patsy,

My yarrow (achillea) are decimated, slugs love them so can't have those anymore.  My anemones are elsewhere, but I could intorduce more white ones maybe.  

Thanks for the advice.

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