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The man in the video said "muscle spray" - meaning Deep Heat, Tiger Balm or other stuff you apply to aching muscles. There's loads of supermarket products available. We used to suffer from cat invasions in our garden and tried everything to keep them away - grated Wrights Coal Tar soap (looked like Red Leicester cheese sprinkled on the borders); teabags soaked with Olbas Oil; wax cones with camphor hung on the fence; Vicks dabbed on fence posts. We still had cats, but all of them had lovely clear sinuses as a result. In the end we moved. Electronic cat scarer failed in new garden - we could hear it even if the moggies didn't.  Water pistol was best (and most satisfying) deterrent but we have never had the time to stand on guard waiting for the cats to stroll by.


Try halving some lemons and leaving them in your patch.  Lemon is poisonous to cats and they don't like the smell.

Hi new to this and saw all your cat comments...  have just bought a scaredy cat plant...    so I guess if it doesn't work might get nice flowers from it...      anyhoo   back to the cat problem...    I found the best thing to get to chase cats was moth balls...   I went to the local woollen factory where they have them in abuncance at the yarn store..   try asking for some or offer to pay...  but they definitely worked....   well till all the rain washed them away...   but I think for fun I will buy a super soaker   kids and hubby beware......


used coffee beans, and citrus rind helps. So does a product called 'get off' and it's none toxic - it smells of lemons. Muscle rub is interesting. I once used it on my leg and not long after putting it on, my then kitten, attacked my leg, so I can confirm they hate it. It's strong to us imagine how strong it is to them.

keeping cats off your garden is hard, and getting your own dog orcat is an extreme measure, but l find that planting strong smellibg plants such as garlic and onion with veg helps, they can't stand the smell it seems. marblescan work in the flowers tho


I hate to admit it but my mother in law had sucess with a motion activated dog ornament which barks when they attempt to pee up her front door! I feel silly for laughing at her now
sara haywood

I have two cats who seem to like using their own garden, to protect areas that I don't wish them to use I place skewers (the wooden type, once the plants have grown up you don't notice them and it keeps the cats away, I have now managed to train them to one area which makes it easier for me to clean up. 

above is a plant pot in the house that my little cat liked to use when my back was turned, the skewers persuaded her to move on! 


Roger Norton


I didnt find the plant any good. I invested in a cat scarer. Approved by the R.S.P C A

cost about £11 pound two years ago. It did the trick.


Although i use a cat scarier my neighbor buys a cat repellent which has garlic in it.

She has had good results

Bamboo skewers work.  You need a lot of them, be careful when working in the garden.

My Mum found another solution - get one of the cats, a territorial one, to 'adopt' your garden as it's own.  It'll keep the other cats out and 'go' elsewhere.

I tried these plants and found it never worked in my garden so now I have two electric scarier and keep moving them to different parts of the garden as the cats get to know the aria of the censer hope this has been helpful.l

Do you have a friend with a dog? I take my dog to a friends just for a run around the garden say once a month and this keeps the neighbours cat out as they can smell where the dog has been - invite a doggy friend over for a cuppa, you sit n chat and the dog wanders around ! sorted!! 

my daughter has a dog and visits regular as she only lives two hundred yards away and the dog runs around the garden as if she owns it but it does not have any affect on the cats the first thing the dog dose is to do her own toiletries but the daughter has to clean it up.

I watered my neighbours cat a few nights ago and haven't seen it, or it's poo, in my garden since.

I had tried and failed with skewers, anti cat pepper granules, bramble canes (These work but unless you want them everywhere...), netting and wire on top of fence.

If the cat does come back (he's a nocturnal visitor) then I will take the leap and buy the 'scarecrow' motion detector water blaster. Gets excellent reviews. Cats do hate getting wet. Especially when they don't expect it.


We use 'Silent Roar' and so do our neighbours. We have found it to be very effective and I haven't had a cat in my garden for over six months now. I did find that after scattering it at first a cat came straight in and poo'd on the pellets. I immediately placed a few more pellets on top of his mess and hey presto..  No more mess!

My neighbour, who was dealing with several cats and had tried most things on the market, did have to wait a little longer before she had a completely cat mess free garden, but even she doesn't have any problem now. It really does work! You do need a little bit of patience, especially if dealing with more than one cat, but i believe a cat free garden is well worth it. All I do now is really sparingly scatter the pellets every four months or so and i really don't have any more horrible cats mess to deal with. I love Silent Roar.

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Sprinkle holly leaves about. Just watch out when you're planting or weeding. They're very sharp!

I bought 4 of these Scaredy cat plants and planted where the cats liked to dump. They worked a treat and are turning into a nice looking plant. Just looking to see how I can take cuttings so I can plant a few more around and give some to the neighbor.
Anyone noticed that they smell heavily of cannabis??

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