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I grow as many plants as possible for scent in summer......perennial heliotropes by the front door, for example, are there every year. What do you grow for summer scent?

Nicotiana affinis for the evenings


a example would be nice love looking at pictures me.i mean can you show us what they look like by your door

the smell i like by my door is the sweet smell of lavender


Starting with spring, wallflowers, hyacinths, narcissus, bluebells (English ones do grow in France), rosemary, Lilac, lily of the valley.

Summer, roses (lots), honeysuckle, a double petunia called Pirouette, lavender, star jasmin. Wish I could grow sweet peas. As soon as the weather get hot they wilt. 



Sorry marty, these don't flower til it's too dark for my photo skills.

But I did just post a couiple of butterflies on the buddleia thread. 


I love powerful evening fragrances, so staples are Matthiola bicornis, Nicotiana sylvestris, Zaluzianskya (my favourite.)  None of them are 'lookers' so they are randomly placed between plants more pleasing to the eye.  I'm also a sucker for all types of Dianthus, even though they don't last long in my clay.  The Nicotiana sometimes surprise me and come up again the next year though.

Bunny ...
Bob I struggle with dianthus too, im wondering about a large pot of them instead ?

Hi Bunnys, Yes, that works - I have some Dianthus superbus planted in a mix of compost and sharp sand (in a large clay bowl) that have been going for at least 6 or 7 years.  I think they really benefit from good drainage.

Dianthus need some lime in the soil....they do not like acid soil or a heavy one. I agree with comments,about many scented plants not being "lookers" so I too try,to hide them. I can add lilies ESP Regale. During June the scent carries everywhere. Jasmine too. Daphne Eternal Fragrance is a small shrub producing scent throughout summer. Philadelphus and Choisya as well as a few night stocks add to summer delights
Bunny ...
I shall pot them then bob , I have large deck adjoining house where this year will be my 'struggle in heavy clay' plants .

I'm sitting here at the computer surrounded by a cloud of hyacinth scent; who needs to wait for summer.


In the spring  I love our Chimonanthes praecox,Sarcococcas,Viburnum bodnantense and Mahonias

Then my favourites are Trachelospermum,Lavenders,Heliotrope, Dianthus,Jasmine,Philadelphus and Lilies

Pam LL x


Still working on scents. have planted roses and honeysuckle last year

A wonderful clematis called Clem x triternata 'Rubromarginata' _ very small flowers but even in its first summer it would fill the air with a vanilla/almond scent. Lovely

Will read more of this thread when I have more time, ideas always welcome.


Highland Jeannie

Hyacinths, philadelphus, roses, honeysuckle, lily of the valley, sweet peas - in a large tub by the front path. Also a few dianthus which seriously need thinning, their scent is very nice, but too near the (acid) ground!

Some cuttings of viburnum Dawn & a Daphne.

I've never liked the look of nicotiana, that's a good idea Bob - hide them amongst others!  I'm with you on the roses, Dove - they must be scented.

Can't stand the smell of mahonia!


Have we all got a scent we can't stand? I like Mahonia (unlike Highland Jeannie) but I hate privet and philadelphus

I love both privet and philadelphus.....and I like flowering currant smell despite most people saying otherwise
Bunny ...
Geranium leaves ughhh