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Whoops sorry,seems my question went awry,just read an article about scorpion weed and lots are an irritant,can anyone say which are ? The article talks about bees falling in love with it, as beekeepers we are interested in anything that has good nectar quantities especially to fill gaps between other plants ,sorry again for not posting properly the first time ,dee

It's a member of the borage family - most if not all of which have hairy leaves which can cause a rash to the susceptible - for most people it's nothing like as bad as a stinging nettle though, so as far as I'm aware not really a problem.

If you can cope with the risk of an occasional bee sting I'm sure you'll survive contact with phacelia - it's being grown on quite a few East Anglian farms nowadays and you're right, the bees love it.

Thanks for that,horror stories from america when I googled it wrists hands ankles taking weeks to recover,think its just their types of scorpion weed maybe.My borage and comfrey no probs so will seek out some seed / plants for next year.Funnily enough,hubbys eye just reopening after a chance sting when he was closing them down on wednesday ....wonder why he bought the veil..thanks again .



A lot of such rashes are much worse in very strong sunlight - there's a lot to be said for our climate 

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