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So there is a new extension to the school on the road opposite where I live and it means 2 classrooms will overlook our back garden so I'm going to need to grow some screening

i will be building some large wooden planters with a view to growing some Black bamboo in to help with 1 section, am a bit stuck with the next section as want to use trees/ bushes but they will be planted up against a wall which is South facing but the walls is 6 ft high so need narrow stem with bushy foliage ? 

Any ideas


barry s

As you can probably see I have a large tree down leaving a major gap in my leylandi hedge. I am considering using Laurel as it is evergreen and quick growing, would it fill your bill?

barry s

I thought they would be too rampant

Fargesia Rufa a clump forming bamboo makes a nice screen dense and I grow clematis through it to add some interest, needs good moisture ideally, but I have some on a dry bank next to a leyllandi hedge and it's fine.



What about an evergreen Ceanothus ? The tree form grows quite rapidly.

Cheers guys., the bamboo will be going into the plants to restrict the growth but free standing is where I'm looking for advice., cheers so far

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