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I would like to buy some plants with a names of loved ones that are no longer with us, to put in a part of my garden that I call my memory patch. Does anyone know of a website that can help me find plants by searching by name? I've tried a quick look but can't quite find one.

Gary Hobson

The RHS Plant finder is very useful, here: RHS Plant Finder

For example, entering 'Doris' in the search box finds 40-odd plants (including numerous Dianthus): Chetwyn Doris, Doris, Doris Allwood, Doris Elite, Doris Galbally, Doris Majestic, Doris Supreme, Doris Wyatt, Mos Doris, Pendle Doris Delight, Pink Doris.

And a rose: Doris Tysterman.

Plus many others.


Many thanks Gary I'll try that. ( Doris is my nickname from friends at work so I may grow something to remember them by as well!)

I have a book called, Grow That Name. If you struggle I could have a look in that for you.


That sounds like the perfect book for me, Who is it by please also the publisher would be helpful, many thanks janny


What a lovely idea. How about roses diggingdoris? They have first names you could match and there is even one called Absent Friends and another called Always Remember Me.

Hi Doris. It's compiled by Susan Purveur. I've just looked on Amazon & they have it in new & used very cheaply, under £3. I hope you like it.

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