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I sowed some candytuft seeds last week which have just started to germinate.  I didn't cover them with any fine compost/vermiculite/perlite.  The seed packet didnt say to cover them but just wondering if I should have.  Is  it too late?  Will it make any difference?


If they've started to germinate it looks as if they're perfectly happy as they are so I'd leave them be if I were you 

Any clue why my gazania came up and were ontop of the vermiculite. Literally roots facing the stars. Gently had to turn up and poke back in. Wondered if it was because I used vermiculite. Only got 11 out of 20 seeds!

Did you get them from Australia Red?



The ones I dobbed back in seem to have 'taken' but they are weaker. Think it was the use if vermiculite??

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