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Hi everyone I'm new to growing from seed and have a situation I planted seeds in pots using John innes for seed growing. I occasionally water them and they germinated... great! Now the seed compost is rock hard!! I don't want to drown them by overwatering, so why is this happening and what can I do to resolve? Thanks

First question-what seeds are they?

You have probably compacted the compost too much-a gentle tap on a surface is all that is needed-try watering from the bottom as well.


They are nigella and sweet pea seeds

Also just started on vampire chilli

You are are somewhat early on nigella-by about 3 months- and would leave chilli as well for a couple of months

What are going to do with these seedlings now?


I find John Innes seed compost to be rather hard and mix it with some general purpose and grit. What to do now is more difficult. Keep it moist (not wet) and all will be OK probably. John Innes seed compost has been around for years, it must work, but I don't like that hardness round small seedlings.


well I've save most of seeds, so just practicing.

Just want to learn my errors so I get it right.

Fair enough-just wouldn't want you rushing in too early-always a fatal mistake that ends in tears

Haha yeah. Sweet peas are doing well though
Oakley Witch

Frozz, Keep a little journal of what you are planting, how long it takes to germinate, how they do and when they are planted out. That keep a record of your garden. i find it helps me very well. Good luck and I'm sure you will have a wonderful collection come summer time


The down side of record keeping is seeing the list of plants that have died. But I still think it's a good idea.

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