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The potty gardener I have mauve colour small scabious seeds collected the other day from the garden you can have

Seeds to swap

White mallow pic below smell really nice

White campion

Aquilegia pom pom mix

Aquilegia pale pink

Common burdock seeds

Mauve colour small scabious

Mallow malva sylvestris

Honesty purple 


The potty gardener do you like any of my seeds I have you details, I do like a few of your for the garden and station garden but say if me being too cheeky - Aster-milady mixed, Clary-bouquet mixed, Eveningprimrose-pinkpetticoats and Cornflower-blue ball.

Gargeningfantic - I like the Crimson Giant scabious and Cupids dart mauve, do you like any of my seeds

Gardengirl I would love some angelica seeds off you. Just let me know if you would like any other seeds.

Nutcutlet I would love some of these seeds as I have never heard of them before. What would you like in return?

Addict I will gladly send you some but have you got anything you think I might like?

Potty gardener I have some scabious seeds as well as the peas for you. I will have to Google some of yours first as I am unsure whether I have got them. It might be Tuesday when I am in touch next as I am going to a county show tomorrow(today in a few hours).

Do we leave it a few days to see if the website rectifies itself before swapping addresses?



All I have left are.....

addict wrote (see)

Dianthus amurensis 'siberian blues ' 

Hollyhocks I have no idea what colour!

digitalis camelot cream

Dracocephallum moldavicum


Ipomoea grandpa ott and heavenly blue

Tropaeolum peregrinum

Pullsatilla red/blue mixed

perennial white poppy...sorry don't know name.

Sunflower red

Scots pine....someone gave me a free packet of seeds at a show

NGS seeds for free...basil, curly kale, plain leaf parsley, wild rocket

Old veg seeds 2011/12 sweetcorn Incredible, Courgette goldrush, Organic rocket




Cotty, I'd like some agastache and monarda please.

The Bupleurum longifolium is harvested but the other 2 aren't ready yet.

I haven't got your address, have you still got mine? I'll PM you if not

Hi Cotty1000, I like the verbascum phoneniceum of yours please

Addict - just to ask have you sent my seeds off

Nutcutlet - have you remmember the seeds I wanted - yellow rattle and the v honesty do you want any of my seeds I have listed?


Yes GG just tight when it comes to postage lol. All sent 2nd class.

Thanks Addict thought you might have sent them but thought I would ask to see, will look forward to seeds in the post thanks


I'll have a look gardengirl. I posted all my stuff this moring so will be with youi a day or so


yes please, some of the white mallow if you've got any left

Nutcutlet I will sort the white mallow seeds out for you

I so enjoying this seed swap/share it is great swapping with you all and finding plants that look just lovely in other gardeners gardens,  so  thanks all


Gardengirl, it's a good job you reminded me. I checked all the orders and found your envelope in the cupboard I've harvested some more Yellow Rattle, I'll give it a day or 2 to dry and let the insects escape, then post. 

If anyone doesn't get what they're expecting from me this week (except cotty) please shout. I hope everyone who wanted rattle will get it though, it's shedding like mad out there now.


gardengirl said (but Ican't make the quote thingwork)

I so enjoying this seed swap/share it is great swapping with you all and finding plants that look just lovely in other gardeners gardens


I do agree Gardengirl, I've already sown the Roscoea seeds that fidgetbones sent me.



And I've sown (use that term loosely lol) the white campion and honesty that I was sent 

The potty gardener

Gardengirl, I've sorted the seeds for you- don't feel cheeky,you have the station to do. Do feel free to ask for more if you want any before I send them off to you.

Cotty I hope you enjoyed the show- just let me know what you'd like when you get the chance.

Anyone else want anything?

Potty gardener can I add Antirrhinum-kimosy mild rose please

Did you want any more seeds on my list other than Small scabious which I will send you

Really after ground cover plants

gardeningfantic wrote (see)

potty gardiner i would love some cosmos-sensation and the mixed zinna.. wsa wanting to give them a try next year.

i have coming soon

coloured giant scabious

mauve cupids darts

sweet william - william and kate

siberian wallflower

verbena rigida



cotty1000 wrote (see)
cotty1000 wrote (see)

Gardeningfanatic I have tried to send you a message but the system doesn't seem to be working properly. Can I please have some more scabious off you,as I love this well as some vipers bugloss,astrantia and some monarda please.

Have you got anymore bearded irises left too?

I have got some verbena bonariensis,mixed cornflower,sea holly and echinops if you fancy?


hi ya.. i have possible 3 rhizomes left.. waiting on someone to decide or not.. if not you can have them.. i do not have monarda seeds and the astrantia are now all allocated..

i would love some more of your orlaya grandiflora,  i loved this and 3 out of the 5 you sent before are now flowering in the garden.  and some verbascum otherwise surprise me with anything that likes very sandy free draining soil.