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Does anybody happen to have any Verben bonriensis seed's?.


found it, diddy, you said you'd got some sea holly, have you still got seed?

My address is on the messages on the 16th August.

I have got plenty of seeds if you would like some.I haven't seen as many butterflies before and they love this plant. Check out my list a couple of pages back if you would like anything else.

Stacey Docherty

@nutcutlet.... Thank you very very much I will plant as soon as I get home. With a thin scattering of grit!



can i have what ever you have please. i have just relisted some of mine earlier

today.have a look and see what you fancy








Potty gardener can i swap you something for some of you coleus,zinnia, and tomato,please. i have recently listed some of my seeds to exchange.




has anybody got any verbena hastata "pink spires" or a blue/mauvey one..

i had osme of these and i couldnt get them to grow.. and really want to try again.

i have some dwarf cosmos in pinks.. great for tubs and pots.. if any one interested..



White campion, Mauve colour small scabious, Mallow malva sylvestris I can give you can you PM your address

I would like to swap you for the Crimson Giant scabious, Cupids dart mauve and the digitailis grandaflora please


Urban Wildlife wrote (see)

I have orange and yellow Welsh poppy seed available

Not really organised this year but if I get anything else I'll post it up.







Gardengirl.. wrote (see)

Seeds to swap

White mallow pic below smell really nice




White campion

Aquilegia pom pom mix

Aquilegia pale pink

Common burdock seeds

Mauve colour small scabious

Mallow malva sylvestris

Honesty purple 


Also who was the kind person who sent me the angels fishing rod and the blue harebell?

 Think that was me. Did you have rudbecia and echinacea seeds?

I am growing verbena hastata pink spires from the meagre packet from Thompson and morgan.   I  intend gathering seed. i will let you know if I get some.

I have sent your seeds off today - Nutcutlet, The Potty Gardener and Cotty1000 - so should be with you soon

The potty gardener

Thank you Gardengirl. I am posting yours- and everyone elses tomorrow.


thanks Gardengirl, yours will have dried by now so I'll post them off


Gardengirl..The Rudbeckis and echinacea are sill in flower yet,but as soon as they are ready i will post to you.Can you pm with your address and a reminder of what it is that you wany.Thanks 




Doe's anybody have any herb seed's available " Legal ones only " 

 like corriander ,dill,basil e.t.c

Hi Diddydoit4u  think it was Gardenmaiden that asked see below


Gardenmaiden wrote (see)

Stacy Docherty - I wouldn't mind some seeds of the two poppies you show.

David smith3 - I would also be interested in Rudbeckia and echinacea seeds.

I will have a look through mine as I possibly have Thalictrum, hollyhock (pink or yellow) and digitalis lutea (small cream flowers).


Diddydoit4u  - Can I ask for the Rudbeckis and echinacea seeds please to swap if you like any of mine posted earlier today on thread I will PM you my address

I forgot to say Thanks Addict for the seeds they arrived and look great will enjoy sowing them like the pic and mix seed all look fab


Oh dear!!!!! i,m all confused now,who want's what's which?!!


I would like both seeds if you have any left after giving gardenmaiden seeds please

Do you like any seeds of mine?