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Stacey Docherty

No she's a monster in disguise its her secret weapon to take over the world.... Dominate by being cute.... I have some thalictrum "black stocking" ( love the name) seeds if anyone would like some... Don't have many as just bought the plant at crocus and the seeds fell off In the car but give me a shout if you would like a few ....


I shall try and finish off my photos of the garden then post then on here for you to have a look at.


Stacey Docherty

They are all a bit wilted ATM but I always let them wilt they love a bit of neglect lol.see also seems to bring the fruit on nicely


That's probably what i am doing wrong i water and feed too often.


diddy.. thank you for that picture.. looks good..

i can also add ot my list of seeds to swap

Teurcium Chamaedrys.. pink.. great ground cover and a good spreader by far..

harvested to day s drying for few then ready to go..



so what new ones do you have GF,do you like tropical plants and things?


diddy.. love tropical.. bu they do not survive here.. storng salty sea winds mixed with sand.. strips paint nice thou on the woodwork

i dont have anything else at mo.

but here is a picture of the d. grandaflora which i have seeds for..

 it likes anywhere but full sun all day.. and grows to about 18ins tall when flowering..

Stacey Docherty

Gardeningfanatic I think mine are sprouting all ready!! Either that or the squirrels have infected the pots with weeds......


I got some glory lily seed's this year from my friend at

I managed to get one to germinate and it is doing well.i'm not sure how big it grows or when it will flower,but i will keep you all posted.



stacey.. it might well be them.. it is the time for them to grow from seed between now and november.. fingers crossed its not the squirrels...


diddy... that is gorgeous.. shame it wont grow here..


It is growing here,i have just broght it inside for the winter.GF it's only about 6" tall at the moment but looking really healthy.


Please can i state that the photo is not of mine,as mine is only 6" tall at the moment.



oh right..... diddy.. you had me there for a moment...

Hello,  I found this site earlier and was so excited that I have signed up and have been out collecting from my garden! 

I have some spare seeds from:


Sweet pea


Globe thistle


something which may be feverfew ...

Hope someone would like some

Stacey Docherty

Welcome lizzy b great collection..... I would love some cosmos whatever colour as my daughter loves it.... I have a huge list including chillies, flowers and vegetables listed on the 1st or seconds page... However my poppy seeds are almost gobe now I could spare a pinch..... I also have buckland astrantia now.....

Stacey, the cosmos is mostly a fantastic vibrant pink though there may be some pale pink too.  I think I collected seeds from both but they have been drying for a while and I can't remember.  It all either grew from seeds I collected last year or from self sets in the drive!

I would love to swap for some of the buckland astrantia.

How does this work? How many seeds do we send? L plates on!


Welcome Lizzy.

I would love some of your globe thistle, sweetpea,and nasturtium,s if possible Lizzy.

I will pm you with my address.

I also have cosmos stacey,did you not check my new list that i put up?