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Hi Diddy,

Can I swap you for some Echinacea and some Sea Holly?  I had Sea Holly in my wedding bouquet at Easter and my husband had it in his buttonhole - it would be amazing to have some in our garden!

Is there a'normal' amount of seeds to send?  I would hate to be rude by mistake!

I'll try and pm you too.



Some people send 7-9 packets in one envolope and just put a first or second class envolope or if in doubt put a large second class onto it.

If you pm your address i can do likewise.That is what makes the seedswap so good it only costs the postage to get several packets of seed in exchange for some of your own.

Why not bring your friends on-board,the more the merrier.


Stacey Docherty

Lizzyb the seeds aren't quite ready( just bought plant Saturday) but should be this week I reckon.... It's raining so I will take a look when it stops.... I will pm you my address pink is fab gets is pink ATM and she ( 2.5 years old!!!) walks past it saying I planted that mummy... and she did in spring!!! Send what you can spare... No rules .... My husband and I had sea holly in our wedding bouquets and button holes as well... He's Scottish and its the closest to thistle I could get... 

Mine too, and he wanted 'manly' flowers!!

Will post the cosmos tomorrow. 


Has everyone placed thier orders with me as, I will be posting out today.



I have Diddy. I shall be posted today. But the road is closed and I'd have to go round the long way to get to the box so I might wait til the latest round of scraping and filling is done. 


@lizzy B woudl love some cosmos also.. my list is some pages back.. and i have added soem threw the pages.. must do a new one i think

and sorry to everyone waitin for their seeds.. was going to collect some scabious this  weekend.. but the rain hindered and i got given tickets to the Bestival so spent weekend there instead..

some amazing music.. but Elton John was the best.. fatboy slim and snoop doggy dog were great also.. and there was lots of local bands playing.. superb weekend.. even with the rain.. my poncho and wellies worked fine.. didnt dampen anyones spirit.. cant belive it is 10 years since i went to the first one..


Hi  to all.

I have just been arond to mu mother in laws and nicked a load of seed that i did not have,so i want to share it with you all.

the list is as follows:-

evening primrose,

clematis small flower

everlasting sweet pea.

sweet peas

fringed pinks mixed

purple honesty

sweet william


limited supply so if you want any please leave what you require,and your name and address.


Hello Lizzy B can I have some Globe thistle please

here is my list below

Gardengirl.. wrote (see)

List of seeds to swap

White mallow

White campion

Aquilegia pom pom mix

Aquilegia pale pink

Common burdock seeds

Mauve colour small scabious

Mallow malva sylvestris

Honesty purple



I've posted everything except cotty's collection this afternoon.

One more to ripen cotty

Ok thanks. I am going to be planting a prairie garden next year and would like some grasses to go in there.

But I know nothing of grasses. I would like some seeds of grasses that are fluffy,that have coloured seed heads and have autumn colour.

Please help. I have a big collection of seeds to swap. Let me know what you would like and I will see what I can do.

My cornflower started popping up in the tray thanks the potty gardener

Cotty I have pony tail grass seeds take a while to get grow big, they still look nice in autumn no fluffy seed heads or red ness in winter thou

Hi Gardengirl,

I would love some Mallow and some small scabious please?  I'll pm you my address and pop yours in the post tomorrow.



Diddy, the scabious is gardengirl's not mine... nothing new to add from me I'm afraid.


Confession... I've forgotten to put my name on the seeds I have posted so if you get a mystery package it could be from me! Seeds wrapped in kitchen roll then a little bag with holes in.

Thanks Lizzy

I will sort some seeds out for you, is it the white mallow or the Mallow malva sylvestris pink one?

Diddy it is me with small scabious seeds mauve and Gardeningfantic who has large scabious seeds



Oh ok i dont mind as i would love like some of either as i dont have any of them.

Ok Diddy I will sort some out for you

gardeningfantic wrote (see)

diddy.. thank you for that picture.. looks good..

i can also add ot my list of seeds to swap

Teurcium Chamaedrys.. pink.. great ground cover and a good spreader by far..

harvested to day s drying for few then ready to go..


Gardeningfantic can I have some of those seed please ground cover is what I need


Hi all i'm new to the site and living in Ireland,would anyone have any seeds for my border to get me started and easy to grow and look after. This is my first attempt i got fresh topsoil in for it but haven't done a ph test on it yet. The Garden is south-east facing.