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Collected more seeds today Diddy. Sat in the boot of my car at the min. Too tired to deal with them now. Collected pink and a few blood red hollyhock seeds, more Astrantia hadspen and Nigella blue.

Since you started this thread it has become like an addiction to collect!!  

Gardengirl I have loads of seeds annual and perennial. Have a think what you fancy and I will sift through my two shoe boxes and posh wooden seed box. I have Shasta daisy,helenium,golden rod and red monarda that is nearly ready. 

I know it is a cop out saying what do you fancy but I have too many to list!


You little gem Adddict Can i have some please,i have been in my tardis shelling pods the moment all i can do is literally just walk into my GH tur aroung left and right and that is it.I really must get a bigger one.Whats your plans for the weekend?

cotty1000 wrote (see)

 This is that white plant again in a bit of a better photo.unsure of name.


Do you have any of the white polemonium in your pic above?

Got any seeds that are blue/ purple colour or blue, purple on there own? please


Cotty could i please have some of the red monarda and some of the Heleniums please.Check my list to see if you would like any of mine.


I do like helenium but the plant I have not liking the garden so maybe not sure if they will grow well for me maybe planted in wrong place

Diddydoit4u wrote (see)

You little gem Adddict Can i have some please,i have been in my tardis shelling pods the moment all i can do is literally just walk into my GH tur aroung left and right and that is it.I really must get a bigger one.Whats your plans for the weekend?

Lol Diddy sounds like you are pretty addicted yourself. What are you going to do with all these seeds you are growing? Do you have room in your garden for them all?

Do you want some of everything I collected? Need to save some Nigella for Coys and a few for one of my gardens but you can have the rest.

This weekend is Zumba sat morning, all that boring stuff we all have to do when not at work, sort the seeds I have for you and Coys then go visit friends as many as poss to show I still exist lol.


THanks Addict yes plesae,I cannot resist growing from seed, each year is the same grow seed refresh my garden then give a gift of a plant to all who invite me to parties and bbqs only problem is it was costing me a fortune in pots,but worth every penny to see what delight it is to give rather than receive. Ps how do you get rid of rats tail weed?


Thanks , Nut, I got my seeds today. Are you likely to be visiting son or vice versa soon.? Or when it dies down I can post the rootstock for the  Acanthus to you.


Has anyone got any Astrantia major seeds going 




Want some hadspen blood James? I didnt get many but could split what I did get between you and Diddy.


Hi fb, glad they got there this time. I checked your address on the PM in case I'd got it wrong first time round. I hope to be your way soon, son visited here but only a few hours warning so  no time to organise anything. Complex lifestyle these young(ish) people have.

I think everyone has got what I sent now but if you haven't - shout. Except cotty and flowersforbees, you're still awaiting harvest


addict that would be great I will PM you 



@cotty would love some Heleniums please.. would mess but cant do it on my phone.. doesnt come up. i dont know if i have yours yet.. or are we waintin cant remember.. brain is in turmoil at mo..

and yes diuddy you ar right this is a great thread and wonderful way of gettin gmore plants for the price of postage..


GF got your seeds this morning.thank you ever so much.Looking forward to sowing them next year.

Thank you.



I got seedstoday from gardeningfanatic too - thank you so much.  Can't wait to have dwarf and normal cosmos next year.

I got my seeds from Lizzy B and Gardeningfantic yesterday thanks for that

Gardeningfantic it was me gardengirl.. who sent you the purple honesty seeds glad seeds are popping up, I have few seeds more from seed swap will keep watching my trays see if anything popping up

Gardengirl I kept deadheading mine and ended up with no flowers to seed. I will try my mum and dads for you. I have got plenty of blue or purple for you,have you got any perennial grass seeds?

Dr diddy you can have some monarda and helenium,what grasses did you you say you had? 

Who had some grass seeds for me I forget,it can get quite complicated all this seed swap lark!

Gardeningfanatic thanks for the seeds. I will add them to your list and send them when ripe.

Cotty1000 I am the one who has the grass seeds they have been sent today in post, Thanks for the blue or purple seeds you pick out some seeds from them for me please

Posted all seeds off today - Lizzy B, Diddydoit4u,cotty1000 and Coys I have posted your seed as well