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Stacey Docherty

diddy re poppy seeds there are probably some in that mix I have you lol....

Coys wrote (see)

Would i be better getting a few seed trays and seed compost and starting my seeds in them,then putting them in my shed next to the window.would this give me a better chance.



Thats a great idea worth a try that way, I grow lots of seeds in tray,  all you need to do is plant in your raised bed 

hollie hock
Gardengirl.. wrote (see)

I may end up with lots of Acanthus seeds to swap later in year

the sun has helped have lots of flower spikes and seed pods forming

Hello, not done a lot of seed collecting this year but will have a look in my tin to see what I've got. Gardengirl this looks like like a lovely plant, do you think you would have any left? What are you looking for?

Had a very nice time looking back on that thread nut My cleomes were great this year and the verbenias bon and my rudebekias are still flowering



Hollie hock will add you to the list for acanthus pods as still on plant not ready yet,

do you still have anymore of the false sunflower would like some of that at the station

growing nicely here not flowered yet but it is in a pot maybe it needs to grow a bit more first

Stacey Docherty

Lost  track who asked for thilactrum black stocking?

Cotty1000 I have sent you a message

Diddy you've changed your name! I liked calling you Dr,now do I call you the mighty?

Nut,gigalo and fanatic I have sent seeds today.


thanks cotty, yours are getting close now

hollie hock

Can never to get to grips with the quote thingy

 I can't do links to the internet.


Thanks cotty (rob) got the seeds this morning,when can they be planted?. Dave AKA Dr Diddydoit

sorry for the lack of sowing instructions.I would personally start sowing in spring,but try a small amount now and overwinter in a sheltered place.I haven't sown some of them before as I have either collected seeds from somewhere else or taken seeds off a mature plant bought from a nursery.

Are you changing your name on a daily basis now diddydoit aka giggalo aka flirt!?



Ha ha ha.Yes mate its so that the OH cant find me lol She will have me doing the dishes if she knows how long i spend on here.


last change is now being made lol.To Dear Dave


thats it no more name changes


cooty and flowersforbees. I thinkI may be waiting for something that isn't going to happen. This bupleurum falcatum is just not making seed as it usually does. I'll post the rest and follow uo with the Bupleurum if it ever gets there. I'll PM you both when the forum's working properly again. I've PMd 2 people who haven't responded so I don't think that's working

hollie hock

Hello Gardengirl, I have loads of the false sunflowers, it will have to be the roots again as it's been cut back now. One thing I did this year was to cut a top off the plant, stuck in some compost and it grew !

This year again it attracted loads of insects and butterflies. I'm no expert but I think it might do better in the ground than in a pot. It seems to be a spreader, I dug out loads of it last year, but you wouldn't know that now!

The white campion has flowered this year  so am leaving it to self seed hopefully, and the honesty plants are coming on great, looking forward to seeing them flower next year. Been a bit amiss with the white mallow, just planted them out.........but if they have survived this far they will be fine.