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Hi Gardengirl i have a confession to make,those seeds you sent me i sowed the day after i got them but was a little windy and i dropped one of the packets and they went where they wanted,today i notice these where they must have landed,any idea from the picture which ones they are as i never noted down and what should i do with them as they seem very bunched up. 


Coys I would leave them to get bigger, the first set of proper leave (the true ones) come out after the ones that have appeared up in the soil - then the plant id may be possible as they look more like the plant will be

I have found seeds pop up somewhere else wind likes to blow them around.

those seeds must of picked that place to be

put another pic on later when bigger

Urban Wildlife

Hi can I join in on this one?

How does postage cost  get worked out?



Yes urban that is fine.. it is normal the send who pays and return they send you some seeds back.. so everyone pays for it really.. or some do pay-pal if you do not have any to swap.. best to ask each member whose seeds you are after.


diddy.. i have sown my honesty, common burdock and varigated honesty.. they ave all come up so far.. burdock are now in 9cm pots and doing very well. also the small scabious igot is coming up. so thank you to all who sent them.. icant recall who..

i have not planted alot of them waiting until spring as this is their time.



@ gardengirl.. your Acanthus.. i have grown from seeds i got.. how much room do the need.. i know flowers are all but what about the main plants leaves?

Urban Wildlife

Thanks gardenfanatic, I'll see what I've got or can collect next few days.





i have some yellow echinceas and crocosmia montbretia if anyone would like some?


i also have white cosmos .seaholly, mixed rudbeckias

Gardeningfantic - Acanthus can, after many years, grows to being anything between 30 - 60cms  for the leaves

it takes a while from seed

I gave you the honesty purple, common burdock and small mauve scabious glad they are coming up well


Urban Wildlife - I have seeds to swap can't remember what a min all flowers


@gardengirl... many thanks. mine are already large and the roots..well they are very thick and fast growing.. so the space i gave them is about right then for the size they can become.


Final Offers,  (maybe)

Kitaibela vitifolia, white or pink separate

Tree paeony from a red one that sometimes seeds yellow or orangey

Tree paeony  yellow

Nicotians affinis, lovely scent, white

Polemonium brandegeei, yellow, no mildew,  annual or monocarpic

Verbascum lychnitis, white, grey leaves, tall

Eryngium tripartitum

Corydalis sempervirens, pretty pink annual

Nicotiana maybe langsdorfii, pretty yellow, no scent

Telekia speciosa, tall yellow daisy,

Lathyrus sylvestris, perennial pink pea climber

Actaea rubra, red berries, shade plant, poisonous

Daphne mezereum album

Libertia grandiflora

Clematis recta, whire herbaceous clem, scented

Astrantia mix

Any takers?


I would like some telekia speciosa please, and daphne mezereum, and Eryngium tripartitum. 


OK fb, they're yours.

Anyone for anyof the others?


hollie hock

hi nut,not sure of what they all but would like some Erngium  Daphne mezereum and some of the corydalis sempervirens, they have very pretty flowers.

Still haven't got round to going through all my tins of bought seeds, but do have some corncockles, morning glory and some white and black cornflowers, purple echninecias to swop


I have a lovely innula known here as the false sunflowers which I can supply as a bare root if any one is interested.

I'm interested in insect friendly flowers


 hollie hock, they're yours

That's the eryngium, daphne, telekia and corydalis gone.

Anyone for the rest?


Hi nut can i please have some of the verbascum,nicotinia,daphne mezereum,ans astrantia.

is there any thing you are looking for in particulary as i now have so many seeds i have taken out what i need so i will soon post them for offer soon.


Nut if you've got any of the Telekia left I'd love some, but I don't want FB to go without so could happily wait until next year 


I will only need a few seeds. If I get  3 plants out of it I will be happy. RHS usually only send about 20 seeds of perennials and its enough. If you can split them, Nut, thats OK by me.