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i do have a very selected amount of  tropical seeds supplied by my griend ian from the link suplied below.

I have i think 5 different species of banana and black and green bat plants.

It will be purely on a first come basis as supply is limited

The potty gardener

Hollie- how big do innula grow they look really lovely. I'll list what I've still got tomorrow.

I've some seeds saved from this year if anyone is interested, they are fairly common though -

Calendula - Pacific beauty mixed - orange and yellow flowers collected.

Cosmos - Candy Stripe - white with a ting of pink.

Cosmos - Purity - white.

Sweet William - white flowers and another with red/burgandy flowers' .


Dwarf sunflowers.

Sunflowers mixed - lots of different colours here, various hieghts from dwarf to 6ft  



Hi Diddy, I'd like to try the black and green bat plants if you still have some left.


Haven't posted my list of available seeds as I've been collecting from my late mother in laws garden and need to sort them out with the hope of growing and therefore collecting more seed.



Hi Nut

if you still have these left I would be interested in Verbascum lichnitis, Telekia and Libertia, thanks.

I've also some french beans - not all are ready for picking.

Barlotto Lingua Di Fuoco - red/cream pods - this is a heavy cropper and I've some dried pods on the plant which I think are ok to pick 

Neckargold organic - yellow pods and Cosse Violette - purple pods these aren't quite ready to pick. Both good croppers.

They all turn green in the pot but are easy to see on the plant,if like me you have trouble finding the green one's.

I've a couple of green podded french beans but not sure of the variety yet until the pods are dried and opened. The pods seem to turn very quickly so am expecting some in the next couple of weeks.

Also peas early onwards, collected last year.

hollie hock

Thanks nut, I'm easy also on the amount of seeds, like others I don't mind if I just get a few plants. I'm only collecting my own seeds properly this year so don't have a huge amount of these. I do have a lot of packets of seeds but I do need to have a look.

The false sunflowers can grow quite a bit... I have it in the ground here and it's a spreader. It grows fast and should flower in the first would probably need a large pot. It flowers mid to late summer and when in flower the bees and butterflies love it.

Zoomer, I'd be interested in the calendulas, is there anything in particular that you are looking for?


i have some yellow echinacea if needed UW along with allsorts of others

Urban Wildlife

Hi Diddydoit,

Would like some yellow echinacea please.



holli hock. If you have any false sunflower seeds left, they would be nice. I'll PM you.


sorted UW i will post them out today for you

Due to the success of the seed share I have taken out what i need so have lot's to share as after all it's not called the seed share for nothing is it.
I will try to make up a full list of seed's as soon as possible, which may take a while as every one was so good in joining in that I have so many.
Please just keep checking the forum for an up date.
Many thanks.


hollie hock

Thanks nut, got your seeds today

joyce mannell

I have seeds from the common aquilegia if anyone wants them 


I hope they do well hollie hock

hollie hock

Thanks nut, sent you a pm, not sure if your going to get it at the moment

Thanks Hollie hock just found your message what is the forum like at min

Joyce M is there any seeds you after? What colour are the aquilegia flowers?