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I'm not sure who it was without going back by 30 pages or so you have messaged me but not told me what seeds you wanted.
I have sent you out some yellow echinaceas and some chili black scabious sue ok.

Thanks Urban wildlife got your seeds today thank you and have sent you a pm for your address

Right any one want any more seeds from me will be posting Monday

Diddydoit4u and Hollie hock I will be posting yours off them


Stacey Docherty

Hey all just catching up and popping in to say hi!! Thanks to people who pm me asking where I was.... It's been work work work and then poorly!! Better now... Chilli seeds will be listed soon ..

glad to hear your ok stacey,missed your imput on the site.
Stacey Docherty

Thanks Hun I'm ok for now something more sinister may be brewing!!!

Hello just to let you know that I have posted all bits off to Urban wildlife and Diddydoit4u and to Hollie hock it all should be with you tomorrow

Thanks UW got your message

did Hollie hock and Diddy get your seed packs

no gg nothing yet what was it that you sent again?

Acanthus seeds and a small plant

They were in a small white jiffy bag with "Live plant" written on the front and back.  I have proof of posting if that is any good.  It should have arrived with you on Tuesday as it went first class.  Jiffy bag is of small parcel size so would not fit through a letter box, perhaps you have a missed parcel notification?

Diddydoit4u did you get anything at all in the post from me?

joyce mannell

I have a few packets of herbs parsley basil coriander tarragon also a pk of phacelia  tamar organics for bees I dont want 



Bump up for Joyce to find.

Hi Joyce M thanks for the message, can I have the pale lilac aquilegia and the phacelia please

here is my list below if you want any

Gardengirl.. wrote (see)

Joyce M

seeds I have to swap, took me a bit to check, all been collected from the garden

Red campion

White campion

Holly hock apple blossom

Mallow pink sylvestris

Small scabious mauve

Lesser knapweed

Greater knapweed

Aquilegia pom pom mixed colours

Mixed colour wallflower

Acanthus seeds - collected lots just drying them


Garden girl, would it be possible to swap some of my seeds with yours to Please?

MrGrowItAll - yes you can swap seed with me

what do you like

I like anysort of flowers

Thankyou, I was going to ask if it'd be possible to have some scabious, acanthus and red or white campion seeds. I have a range of seeds, d'you prefer annuals, biennials or shrubs or trees, got a range of all