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Gardenmaiden wrote (see)

Nutcutlet and fidgetbones my pleasure. I hope you raise lots of plants.

Mine too yesterday. Thankyou  


I got in the eryngiums and some honesty before the rain. 

Stacey Docherty


Gardenfanatic..... . I will happily send you some poppy seeds and would love some astrantia and some scabious ... You can email me at  with your address 

Stacey Docherty

Oh ps I go on holiday tomorrow so will probably do it when I get back

The potty gardener

Here is a list of the seeds I have. A few are left over from last year but most have come free with gardening mags this year. Let me know if there is anything you fancy

Lupin-pixie delight

Cornflower-blue ball X2

Antirrhinum-kimosy mild rose

Sunflower-giant single

Minalobata-spanish flag X2

Calendula-pacific beauty

Clarkia-elegans double delight


Cosmos-polidor mixed


Morning glory-heavenly blue

Clary-bouquet mixed

Cosmos-sensation mixed

Sunflower-velvet queen

Scabious-tall double mixed

Coreopsis-semi-tall red


Bellis-monstrosa mixed

Sweet William-tall single mixed

Godetia-thoroughly modern millie

Nasturtium-dwarf mixed

Rudbeckia-cherokee sunset


Statice-special mixed

Physostegia-summer snow

Foxglove-foxy mixed

Canterbury bells-mixed

Coleus-rainbow mixed

Sweet rocket X2



Forget me not-mixed

Calendula-art shades

Honesty-purple and white mixed

Nigella-miss Jekyll

Canterbury bells-cup and saucer mixed

Aster-milady mixed

Zinna- mixed

Portulaca-single mixed X2


Pansy-giant mixed

Wallflower-monarch fair lady mixed

Zinna-sunbow mixed

Tomato-red cherry

Lettuce- headed mixed

Chilli pepper- cayenne

Frilly leaf salad mixed

Golden berry-pineapple

Fennel-di Firenze

Basil-red leaved

Kale-nero ditoscana

Tomato-gardener’s delight




potty gardiner i would love some cosmos-sensation and the mixed zinna.. wsa wanting to give them a try next year.

i have coming soon

coloured giant scabious

mauve cupids darts

sweet william - william and kate

siberian wallflower

verbena rigida



this is my list for this years seeds..

coloured giant scabious - mixed pale & dark pink, crimson, white and mauve (if you wish a certain colour then let me know and i will harvest jus them)

mauve cupids darts

sweet william - william and kate

siberian wallflower

verbena rigida


i dont have time to collect many this year as doing massive ground works with old paths being dug up and new ones laid.. the garden has suffered a little this year i hate to admit it but with the paths and my inflammatory  arthritis playing up it has not been foremost in my mind..


Hi gang. Mine are ready to roll but yesterday evening I found this on a youtube wander

Which telly watchers will probably have seen but is worth a view if you're interested in the science of seeds and gardening in general.

Seems my honesty might have been better left in the pods even if everything is browned off. I'll post them anyway. There's more out there and I can do some pod collection and distribution a later time

cotty1000 wrote (see)

Gardeningfanatic I have tried to send you a message but the system doesn't seem to be working properly. Can I please have some more scabious off you,as I love this well as some vipers bugloss,astrantia and some monarda please.

Have you got anymore bearded irises left too?

I have got some verbena bonariensis,mixed cornflower,sea holly and echinops if you fancy?


cotty1000 wrote (see)

Has anyone grown didiscus blue lace this year? I have just seen it on the gardeners world main page. It looks amazing.

I would love some seeds if anybody has got any.


cotty1000 wrote (see)

I will post basic details and will abbreviate when I can as my list is long.

Here's my list

eryngium several varieties,verbena bonariensis,verbascum phoneniceum,catmint,clematis integrifolia,astrantia various,geranium orchids blue,salvia salvia various ,aquilegia mixed,moon carrot,knapweed,primula mooreana,Echinacea various,scabious various,phlomis,echinops various,agastache mexicana,rudbeckia various,aconitum Newry blue,orlaya grandiflora,oenothera sunset,foxglove various,monarda fistulosa,wild angelica,campanula various,blanket flower,delph galahad,cowslip,hollyhock various,Lupin various,gypsophila,poppy Iceland,marguerites and ever lasting sweet pea.

This is my current seed collection,in the autumn it will be bigger with perennials,annuals and bulb seeds. I have only listed perennials as that is my passion. I have plenty of annual seeds too,so feel free to ask me what I have now or what I will have come the autumn.

In return I would like any umbelifers like cow parsley,which I own,rudbeckia or Echinacea perennial seeds,scabious,agastache,salvia or surprise me.

I will send seeds out even if you haven't got anything I fancy.just send me a letter with a pre paid envelope inside.

Any questions just ask.I am already excited 


The potty gardener are there any seeds on my list you would like? You have got a good variety.

I have just come to this thread from the potting shed one.

Would anyone like to swap with me ,what can you offer me?

I like perennials,wildflowers and umbellifers.bee and butterfly friendly would be great.

Hi Cotty1000,  I have some white angelica seeds like cow parsley if you want to swap with me I have your details already      

I like the verbascum phoneniceum of yours



cotty, how much like cow parsley do you like your umbellifers. 

I have some nice Bupleurums, falcatum, longifolium and fruticosum but they don't look like cow parsley

Stacey Docherty

Addict I just wanted to ask if my seeds have been sent I see others have I'm sure you have it's probably my ropy post man!!!! Garden fanatic I still can't pm you my address for the seeds.... Will keep trying! 



Yes Stacey but not til yesterday  Sorry had busy work and social week yours and diddy's were last to go. Should be with you midweek at latest. 


Cotty1000 never heard of mooncarrot so googled. I like it  don't have much left to offer in exchange now. My collection has been well and truly pillaged lol. Can I have some if send SAE pls?  

Stacey Docherty

No that's ok addict I have been having a mega issue with post ATM and was just wanting to log if something else went missing.... Fidgetbones I still can't pm you my address so in break of protocol it's 29 wentworth way, ascot, berks, sl5 8hh. I figure the worst that could happen is I would be bombarded with seeds lmao!!!!

The potty gardener

Gardeningfanatic if you pm me your address I will get those in the post for you.

Cotty100 I would like some everlasting sweet pea, what would you like from me?

If anyone had any short scabious I would like those.

I don't really need too much so if anyone wants any seeds don't worry if you don't have anything to swap


Stacey Docherty

If that's the case potty Gardner I would love some lupins and some sunflowers for my lo to grow next year!!! My address is above your post seeing as I can't pm anyone atm! thank you