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I have recently started off sweet peas (various colours and varieties) and larkspar.  On my list of seeds to buy I have carnations, petunia's (both traditional and doubles), pansies, lobelia, godieta. This was my first year growing from seed, and only tried cucumbers, carrots, pansies, sunflowers and nasturtiums.  Will be expanding my horizons next year; hoping to grow peas, parsnips, tomatoes, peppers, and various herbs from seed!



Ah, thanks for that Fishy65, guess you can tell I'm a newbie on here! Great idea to have a seed swap, will bear that in mind, as I only have a small garden, so don't really need 200 seeds of something!!!

Thanks so much for the offer of the dill seeds; actually my mother recently gave me some, along with a few other herbs.  Loving the articles and projects on this website, a great place to get good hints and tips


Its a lovely site MrsDeapSleap and welcome - lots of good people ready and willing to offer a helping hand 


Can I ask a seed growing question here? I have some seeds for hardy annuals that were free with a garden magazine. The instructions say sow where they are to be grown and protect the seedlings from slugs. How do I keep the slugs off?

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