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I have started sowing  foxglove , and verbascum seeds for next year ,


This has posted itself lots of times can you try to delete the duplicates?


A bit liberal with the old seed packet there, gran


I've flagged up the multiple posts to the Mods - they're the only ones that can do anything.  Hope we can all reply on one thread, otherwise there's a potential for chaos! 

I have also contacted moderators and requested that they remove all but one thread when I realised what had happened. 

Though if anyone can tell me how to delete them myself I will sort it out




Chaos? us? surely not

i haven't decided yet.  I'll have to look at a few lists and see what I'd like.

A couple of something I've never heard off would be good.

I've sown and had germinated, Calendula, Digitalis a few different types, Honesty,  Hesperis matronalis and some Cornflower.


I've got a few on order from Derry Watkins now. But only one I've never heard of, Eryngium ebracteatum. So that means I can place another order elsewhere

Thomas Wilkinson2

I've started off some foxgloves, various poppies, some larkspurs and some wildflowers. Probably a few other things too. I've been taking cuttings from a "Tom Thumb" fuscia too which pretty much all came good. pretty pleased! 

Hiya ,

Nut is that the one with sword leaves , if so be careful it has barbs all the way along ,it's worse than the yucca .it's bloody lethal.


They're all a little on the sharp side gran. I've never seen this one


I shall be trying Lupins for the first time.Also some white foxglove courtesy of hogweed,borage courtesy of Lyn and antirrhinum/french marigold (jolly jester) courtesy of perki  So many little time 

I've got 3 different colours of Antirrhinum germinated from seeds saved by a friend. Does anyone know if they come true colour wise?


No they don't ladyg. But you might get something really nice 

Thanks very much for your reply Nutcutlet. I'll not have to worry about colours when I'm potting them on then.



There will be similarities within the different batches. Seed from a red won't give you a predominantly yellow mix etc

Yes I know what you mean nutcutlet, hopefully I'll get some nice hues.



Foxgloves, poppies, astrantia, helenium, eryngium, biennial stocks, aconitum. All started in the greenhouse and hardening off outdoors.

Does anyone know whether I should keep the seedlings in the greenhouse over winter, as they are in pots which might make the roots freeze if left outside? I'm not sure where to plant them yet so want to keep in pots for now.


I'd keep them in a cold frame or cold GH. I wouldn't give them heat