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Ashleigh 2

I agree Mike, I cell sow everything now  one seed per cell and only sow a maximum of ten cells for each variety unless it's for something like bedding lobelia. It's so much easier to pot on and you have ages before you absolutely have to. I find it difficult to chuck away seedlings that are surplus to requirements and end up with little pots all over the patio while I try and re-home them if I sow too many.


I never use seed trays to start of seeds, if you do , you will sow the whole packet, as Mike says, far to many, I grow lots of different seeds, all in those little Muller rice pots, that way you get about 20/30 of each variety not 500.

Lobelia  I sow in modules, a pinch in each, I do grow thousands of these, I have a big garden and like it as an edging plant.

I shan't sow any until March/april, you can't plant out until May so if they are up now, how big will they be by then! 

If your seedlings are leggy, you can repot them further down into the soil, but it is best to wait a bit for the longer days, nearer to when the clocks alter. 


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