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I was wondering if a washable electric blanket would be any good under seed trays, they have a thermostat and can be quite cheap to buy, anyone any thoughts on this?
Oakley Witch

Oohhhh, more on seeds

Love the name Matt lol. A man after my own and plants lol

Well I started sowing in January with some if my late grandfathers tips. My tomatos are on the windowsill in the sitting is Lemon Balm, Astrantia (Which is still not up grrr) some little primula Vialli. Verbena, Basil, Nigella and Bells of Ireland are in the kitchen...and Lobellia Cardinalis, Nicotiana Jasmine Tobacco and Crown of snow are in the bedroom.

I have a loan of a neighbours greenhouses whcih one is for hardening off and the other a nursary one. I have Lobelia crystal palace, Rudbecki green wizard, cerinthe, cornflower (Black and mixed), Calendula, French Marigold, Monkshood, Nasturtiums, Agastsche, Cowslips, Larkspur, Lettuice, Raddisu, Spring onions Parsley, Wormwood, Southernwood, White Sage, Jacobs Ladder, Night Phlox, Broccoli, Nicotiana Lime Green, Love in the mist, Black poppy, Salvia, Cosmos, Scabious, Chiilis, Clematis, Carrots and Nigella, Mugwort, Moonwort, Foxgloves, Sweet peas, peas, beans,Globe Artichoke Purple Orache, forget me nots and Seaholly as well as onions between the two. They have all been planted from seed..Oh, and delphiniums.

I have a load of cuttings aswell which Im not listing as i have typing cramps lol

I used a standard multi purpose compost and plant in what ever I can. Mainly large pots, barrels, chimneys, sinks, a toilet (Its got flat leaf parsley in it) an well as a petrol tank, an old pair of boots and an old helmet. My best planters are old bike tyres that I have worn out and couldnt get rid of. They work great as you can have them at what ever hieght you want. They are perfect for tatties.


Oakley Witch

Bugger. I forgot the Aquilegia collection. I have 12 types...mainly black, white, purple and red in colours 

Im a bit obsessive over them as Nutcutlet will tell you  lol. I have waited almost 14 weeks for them to wake up and germinate lol 

What about the electfic blanket idea Sam?

I'd do some experiments with the electric blanket Lyn. It might work, don't know what temperatiures they run at.

And Sam. I've got hundreds of aquilegias. The only ones that look a bit feeble are viriflora.

Have you got a good crop now?



My cucumber and butternut seeds have germinated but still have loads in the heated propagator. As they emerge I'm popping them on a tray in the conservatory where it's not too cold (warmer than the GH anyroad).

Most things seem to be taking their time this year but with it being so cold it's probably a good thing that they're not climbing out of the pots. I still have more stuff to sow but it can probably wait.


problems with an electric blanket are the size and the running cost really also its hard to know what the heat output would be and how dense. As long as your not putting water on the blanket maybe would be ok but i'd think it would be way too big. 

Oakley Witch

Hi Nutcutlet...not bad. Nothing with true leaves yet but they are coming up at last. Viriflora does seem alot slower than the rest mind. Lyn...Ive never heard of the lecky blanket trick  Its always worth a shot though 

I have a few more to plant yet. Goin to put my squashes in the compost heap and see how they get on this year.


Hi folks, had a sow today. Will post on seed swap (if I can find it) later


Planted out my Sweet Peas which I sowed in January and The rest of My sowings doing well in Greenhouse

hollie hock

Looking good Matt Have reminded me re the nasturtians, got plans to sow some some stuff this weekend


I have loads just popping up on my windowsill too. I need to stop making so many plants as Im not going to have enough room!

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