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I'm new but an often visitor to the website.

The seeds swap thread got me thinking about some seeds I have recently collected. They are all from a small wild patch of garden I planted for bees and other insects, i've collected the seeds from a select few plants I want to plant in my new garden I will hopefully be moving to in a couple of months and preferably to flower next year. I can't name them all as I'm quite the amateur but I have:

Red campion (Silene dioica), Red Poppy, Foxglove (Digitalis purpurea), Bluebells and a flower that I have been told is a grannys bonnet? It flowered nice and early so keen to get these in the new patch!

I am storing them in a dark plastic container with the different types seperated, will they be ok in there or will they degrade pretty soon? Will they need to go in the fridge before planting and should they be planted asap in pots then transferred to the new garden later? Any help will be great. Thank you.


I'd sow them all now. Well drained compost, grit on top, leave them outside in the shade. Some will germinate soon, others in the spring. Bring any that haven't germinated into into a cold greenhouse in January. This is more for you than them, it's easier to keep an eye on germination. No heat is required for any of these. 

I'll gather some things together and get sowing then. Thank you for your reply. 

So, the seeds have been spread in trays and in a shaded area so now I wait!

I visited the new garden earlier and found this taking up one of the corners behind a shed, the leaves are quite large and has these green fruit type things growing. What is it?

Thanks again. 



you've got a fig tree there Gary 

Excellent, very excited about this news! 

Thanks for your help again nutcutlet.

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