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Lavender Lady

Have found online and they have a good selection of seeds at reasonable prices.  Just wondered if anyone has ordered from them before and if so, were they any good ?


I have used them, with mixed results. I think that this is because I bought some unusual seeds which are hard to germinate.

They did send out a lot of info about the plants and care instructions. 

Whcih seeds are you thinking of buying?

Lavender Lady

Not thinking of buying anything unusual.

Wallflowers, bellis daisy, helenium, Phacelia, pulsatilla vulgaris, verbasucm, a couple of primulas (which I do know can be a bit hit and miss) also some rudbeckia and echinacea for next flowering late next year. 


Those should be fine, happy sowing.


i use a company called "Premier seeds direct" on ebay well over 20 times and always had 100% sucess and cheapest on ebay for the quantity, checked that seedaholic site out and it seems expensive



I have also used Premier seeds and whilst I have been happy 90% of the time, the last lot of seeds I ordered came up orange and yellow instead of white


Secret Seeds is a good company if you want something different and great service and I must say Thompson and Morgan Ive had no problem with them great offers too


Lucky you with T&M; I have vowed never to buy their seed again because it is so expensive and not very good at germinating.


I use T&M quite a lot for seeds I can't get here in Italy. The delivery has always been prompt and I've never had a problem with germination.


I have had a look at seedaholics site, and they have a good selections of seeds. I couldn't find their postal charges, so you have to take that into account when buying.

I have used ebay in the past and had very good results, perhaps not as many seeds in the packets, but very often you don't want hundreds of seeds, and usually very competitively priced. One site I use and could recommend for service and value is bobtodd1, and the postage is only 95p no matter how many seeds you purchase and they have a wide selection of seeds.

It can be hit and miss with germination, just depends on how long the seed has been harvested, I sometimes think the larger seed companies have them hanging about for a while and in some cases we have found that the compost is to blame. The quality is not the same now.

Lavender Lady

I have placed the order with Seedaholic so will let you know how I get on with them.  I ordered 12 packets of seeds and the delivery charge was £1.55.  Like you say it is hit and miss with germination.



Lucky weejenny. I bought a load of seeds from secret seeds and nowt much hapopened, except for the Verbascum chiaxii alba I ordered, most were not the alba variety but the yellow, which was not as required, but there was also some figwort seeds, that looked very similar to verbascum when I planted them out. I am still trying to eradicate the figwort.

I used to spend loads of money on seeds and compost to grow them in, but it's not neccesarily the seeds quality. i have found that I can not get any compost these days that does not have weed seeds in, or is of very poor quality. I spent over £50 on seeds last autumn and out of all the seeds i have sown since getting the seeds i have had about 5% success. SO I plan to sterilise soil and go down that route.

Get to the garden centres!  At those I have visited in the last few weeks the seeds are half price.  All the major brands and some of the ethical/heritage too.


I used Seedaholic for a wide range of flower and mixed salad seeds earlier this year.  This included huge packets of cosmos and sempervivums. Apart from poor germination with some sunflower seeds I have had excellent results.  They provide really useful information especially for the cut flowers.  

hollie hock


I've bought seeds from Seedaholic, had brilliant results from sweet rocket seeds from there


Have you tried Chiltern Seeds? They have an incerdible range and I've had reasonable germination results growing shrubs and perennials. Once upon a time the catalogue was descriptions (very good descriptions) only, no photo's, but now they are on line and you can see what they are talking about

Used them for years ...Brilliant !

I use seedaholic, I have never had a problem with the seeds.
hollie hock

I still buy from these, good germination rates. I'm finding that they out perform the other seeds like Dr Fothergill, Suttons etc. Great packaging as well