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hollie hock

Hi everyone,

I sowed some larkspurs a while ago and potted on a few. These have grown as well but don't know what they are. They don't look at all like weeds to me. I did sow some delphs at the same time in a different part of the seedtray but they don't look like delphs either?



i can see a couple of the larkspurs in there as well, all is not lost


I'd have said Foxgloves too. 

Those little parley-like leaves might be larkspur?

hollie hock

Thanks, I was thinking they may be foxgloves but have no idea how they got there



Have you got foxgloves in the garden?

hollie hock

Hi Dove, yes I have quite a few of them,I do reuse seed compost as well.This happened last year, thought I was growing sweetpeas but up popped a couple of larkspurs, that I'd given up on months ago. On a bonus this year, a lot of the larkspurs germinated...still too small to go out though

Had another look at them tonight, they do look like foxgloves, they are doing better than the ones that I have sown

Will the larkspur flower this year? How will you look after the seedlings from now on? I've got a packet of seed, but not really up for any more pots of stuff....

hollie hock

Not sure PaperFlowers, although in theory they should. They are only in small pots, they are about 3 inches big, got a few little roots poking through the bottom. Will let them grow a little more before contemplating putting them out. I try and grow things on a bit so I don't lose them all overnight by the slugs and snails

The Larkspurs I grew from last seed, were too small to go out so they were over wintered in a cold frame last year and I planted them out about a month ago and they are about to flower. I had 3 of the 6 survived but that was probably down to me completly neglecting them

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