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hollie hock

I think I might have some penstenomon seeds up indoors, looking very tiny so it might be just the odd weed but.............checked my frame and things are growing. Echium blue bedder and some night scented stock have germinated! Love it.

Only did them 10 days ago, so happy with my new frame, it's doing it's job


So exciting

all my aquilegias have germinated, a couple of codonopsis, some clematis and a single Daphne laureola seed donated by a friend

hollie hock

Excellent nut, I found some aquilegia seeds the other day. I take it yours are from an Autumn sowing? Good going on the clem and the Daphne too.

I've been sowing seeds for a few years now, don't think I'll ever tire of it


I sowed the aquilegias at new year hollie. I used to sow in autumn but Carrie Thomas (Touchwood) advised January a few years ago and I've done that ever since.

The Daphne is a single seed from a named variety, I shall see if it looks any different to the species. I sowed that when I was given it but can't remember when that was

Penstemon up here too Hollie 

Nut, another geranium braved the world this morning! 


Victoria Sponge

'Tis exciting

My germinees this week are nonea lutea, monarda and possibly the less popular red valerian


I like valerian Vic

and the nonea, bees love that


tomatoes sown last Sunday are up and , following Lyn's message to say her Ricinus ( run for the hills, they're going to kill us all ) are up, I had a wee poke and mine are just starting to appear.


arghhh, We're all gonna die, my aconitums have germinated as well

hollie hock

Still not convinced that it is a penstenom Wonky, but it might be

Interesting plants that you are all  growing I don't mind a bit of red valerian, just needs keeping an eye on. I had loads of monarda seedlings last year Vic, they grew into big plants quickly. I've a couple planted out now and should flower this year. Not had these plants before so lots to look forward to

Victoria Sponge

I poached the nonea idea off you last year I think, Nut  but only sowed the seeds last week

Which monarda are you growing Hollie?

I'm growing two annual types, bergamo and lemon bee balm. I've grown one of them before but couldn't remember which so have sowed both


Started tomatoes, sweet peppers and chillies last weekend on my heated bench and most toms were up after 3-4 days as expected.  I was a bit surprised to find about half of the peppers and chillies had also germinated when I inspected yesterday!  

Limiting myself to just ten varieties of toms (twenty last year) though so I have room to grow some aubergines (which are also now appearing.)

Love germination time!


Snapdragon Twinny Rose, Didiscus, Heliotrope and Achillea 'The Pearl' are all just about getting the second pair of leaves so will be tranplanted soon.


Taken the brave step of relocating my perennial seeds mainly yet to sprout, out in plastic greenhouse thing. I did add copper tape to the perimeter of the tray first tho as some small slugs and snails have been finding their way in and I have to do a torchlit sweep and clear every night!  fingers crossed

Going to Seed

Planted Delphinium seeds last year

And after a lengthy wait

I realised my patience was in vain

As they didn't germinate.


Thought I'd try again this March

Seemed no luck - boo hoo

Have just looked into the greenhouse.......

They're starting to showw woo-hoo !!


I've got a packet of Delphinium seeds . I'll get them done soon. 


I've got sweet chili's, tomatoes, flat leaf and curled leaf parsley, coriander, basil, tall scabious, delphinium, Echinacea and fritillary all up (a mix of indoors and sheltered outdoors under the veranda. Soooo happy and enjoy watching them grow so much (plus a cheap way to slowly fill a garden if you have the patience!) From someone who hadn't really gardened much until a few years ago I'm now hooked


Let the nonea self seed Victoria. Left to itself it germinates in autumn and is flowering now. Early bees very pleased