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My seeds from the RHS seed distribution arrived yesterday. I've got some unusual varieties, so I'm really looking forward to getting started with these. Just need to look up all their requirements to give them the best chance!

Secret Squirrel

Hi LG100, I'm going to grow this year for the first time Amaranthus, Josephs Coat. I think it'll look wonderful in the GH

Oh, that's got me really excited! Hopefully mine should be arriving soon then, good 'ol RHS. Land girl, what ones did you get? 

I've got Chelone obliqua, Heuchera cylindrica, Lunaria rediviva, Helleborus x sternii, Corydalis ochroleuca, Stachys officinalis, Erigeron karvinskianus, Pulsatilla vulgaris, Nigella papillosa, Eschscholzia lobbii, Scabiosa graminifolia and Dicentra formosa. 

Thanks nut, that site is useful. Both the RHS site and this one also have lots of information.

Some of the seeds need stratification. I've done this before by putting the whole tray/pot into the fridge for a while. Anyone got any better ideas? It doesn't seem cold enough to just leave outdoors at the moment.


Mark, that Amaranthus looks spectacular in photos on the web!


landgirl I can't believe we wont get any winter weather for stratification. We always do eventually.



What a lovely collection, landgirl, have just googled them all, they will make a splendid display!

agree with Swisssue, what a lovely collection, I hope to see photos later in the year 

I hope I can get them all to grow, I feel I'll be letting everybody down if I don't give it my best shot!

I'm sure you will, I have faith in your abilities even if you don't! 

Just dont do what I (used to) do and chuck all the seeds in a tray, so if first try fails, there's still a few more goes left.

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