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My daughter in law purchased a packet of these seeds in Mallorca but neither of us know the correct way to plant them, furry side up or down?

Thanks for info.   my daughter in law wont be too happy with the wait


Let us know if you get one germinated


Jean Genie

It helps if you soak the seeds overnight and chip them - be prepared for a long wait ! I cheated and bought a baby plant and still waited 2 years for it to flower !!!


One can always live in hope and hope and.................



having bought seed myself, I recall someone once saying that you have to shave the orange beard off each seed in order to get them germinating, whether this is correct or an old wives tale I am not sure. I shall try both methods, such beard removal from the seed could have one of two effects.. a. removal of a chemical restriction to allow the seed to germinate, b. the removal in some way physically damaging the outer seed shell thus triggering easier germination. Anyone care to comment?

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