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hello, can anyone tell me if Carex Pendula is self-seeding or not ?

i have a large clump in my border and where i removed some weeds a few weeks back have now sprouted mini versions of what look like this plant ? One of the seedlings is about 6/8 inches high and is the image of the Carex ?

i couldn't find this information in any of my books.






All the varieties of carex that I've grown have self-seeded profusely, so I've no reason to suppose that Pendula will not self seed 

thanks for the reply. am glad of that because there seems to be so many, was wondering how long it would have taken me to weed that area, now don't have to


Carex pendula does seed for sure. I grow several varieties of grasses and carex and I think only testacea has not seeded. I think the flower heads of carex are fairly ugly so I try to pull them out to stop seedimg

Another of my pet hates. This one seeds itself all over the place and almost as profusely as Foxgloves.


Yep - and I have literally hundreds this year in particular, from just one plant. Easy to pull tho, as long as you catch em early. At its best grown kind of like a hedge imo - the plants support each other so it doesn't go so lax.

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