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Jean Genie

Hi , everyone. I sowed some Seline Jack Flash in Spring and transplanted them into a big pot. On the seed packet it stated the above but didn't flower. As it's a form of campion I was wondering if it would be better in the ground ? It's growing well so I don't know why it didn't unless it was lack of sunshine. If so, could I move it now or would it be better to wait until Spring ?

Thanks, Jean.


Some perennials don't flower the first year but spend the time developing a good root system- if sown a bit late- and it hasn't been a year of sunshine

You have two choices- plant now if you feel it is big enough to survive the winter or my preferred choice would be to over-winter in a greenhouse or cold frame -protect from the nasty,slimy, ones

Jean Genie

Think I may leave it untill Spring then. Would you believe they are the only plants that they haven't touched ? I'll bring them in then and have a good check to see if anything has made it's home in the pot. Thank you.

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