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I have just purchased a gorgeous Senetti yesterday. I was wondering how to make more of these plants. Cuttings or seed extraction? How would I go about doing this?There is not much on the internet about how to do this.

I experimented with senetti few years back hoping to produce summer floweriing plants by cutting back very hard.  They produced short dumpy plants ..not too impressive.

Cuttings were easy.....after flowering I just inserted non flowered shoots into mpc with added perlite.  Kept pinching out to produce bushy plants for next spring.  

They can be hit by frosts though.


Have you looked at the label on these plants? It said on one I looked at yesterday it is illegal to propagate these without a seed growers licence.

The Senetti name is copyrighted so I don't think you could sell them as such but they are a hybrid so they might get called something else


I am a complete novice when it comes to taking cuttings, what confuses me is everyone says to use non flowering shoots for cuttings. but every shoot seems to have a flower on it.

My wife bought 2 senettis from homebase very nice but a bit on the pricey side, so it would be good if we could grow some for next year from cuttings.

If anyone could advise me how to go about this I would be very grateful. If only there was a taking cuttings for dummies website!


You can get flowering shoots to root try cutting the flowers off when you prick them out so the cutting concentrates on rooting rather than flowering.

could you use a "deadheaded" shoot? got plenty of them. sorry to be a numpty but I cant find out what you mean by pricking out, the mrs told me to stop it or she'd deadhead me! ( told you I was a novice lol)

So, just got my Senetti,  do I just cut a stem off and put it in rooting powder & then put it in a pot?  OR do I tear of a stem so it has a triangular bit of stem left and then dip it in rooting compost & then pot it up? 

When do I do this - end of season?  Anytime?  AND what is mpc & perlite?  Yes I am just retired and the garden is my new venture - I realise anyone can do it but .............




Yes, Bill, let's be old fashioned together.   I also know them as cineraria.

Why did u buy it as I saw some beautiful pink ones in homebase. Its was so bright it dazzled the eyes

 Ive just joined this site specifically to find out how to take cuttings from my Senetti and root them successfully to produce new plants. I'm a novice too, keen, but lacking experience!!


Take a cutting about 3 -5 inches long. Nip off the flower if it is in bud. Dip the end into hormone rooting powder if you have any. Fill a small pot with a mixture of compost and either sharp sand or perlite or vermiculite. This is to make the compost free draining. Pop the cutting into the pot close to a side. Do this multiple times, about four cuttings to a pot. Water. Put somwhere shady but warm. Keep moist. Can take a few weeks to root. Check weekly by gently pulling on the cutting. If rooted pot up individually into small pots of compost. Remove any flower buds if they appear. You want the plant to concentrate on roots and leaves, not flowers.

and don't despair if only a few root out of a dozen, sometimes that happens!

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