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Hello all, I recently acquired an allotment, two thirds are going to be dedicated to crops, but the bottom half is quite shady, behind some plum and damson trees, I'd like to leave it for the wildlife, with wildflowers for bees and butterflies, at the moment it's a carpet of weeds, brambles and a quick spreading ivy! The brambles have been cut down and the roots need chopping up, anyway, my question is, how well do I need to have the ground cleared before sewing the seeds? And if I sew soon will I see results this year?


You need to clear it of what you don't want. Brambles, dock and anything large enough to swamp seedlings of what you do want. 

If the big weeds are under control you could sow some annuals for this year.

My preference would be to spend this season clearing and do an autumn sow. 


It's only quite a small space, a full days work maybe, but I'll probably spread the work over quite a while. Maybe I will just bide my time



Good idea. I've regretted not clearing properly so many times.


But why not clear just a little space and pop some nasturtium seeds in now - then all the cabbage whites will come and lay their eggs there and leave your cabbages, sprouts and broccoli alone 

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