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Has anyone got any suggestion for the  long narrow garden at the side of my house, it gets very little sun along the border next to a low fence. I want something that will grow  quite quickly to about 2 mtrs maximum , preferable with flowers or colour in the leaves.

hi why dont you hebes they are good plants they are evergreen an they get purple or white flowers on in summer an if they get to big just trim them back. hope this helps.

Try RHS plant selector on their website



How about Azaleas or Rhodedendrons, or for smaller plants try ferns or Heucheras.

Yep azealas iv got some o them aswell all they get is a wee bit of morning sun and they do fine

Thanks for the replies, I will certainly try Hebes, I had them in my previouse garden and they were lovely, but as they had full sun I never thought to use them in shade, I will also try Rhodedendrons, not so sure about Azaleas.

Hi fairly new to all this but don't lily of the valley do ok in shade?

Hostas do well in shade.

I have a similar space and I grow hellebores, ferns, cyclamens, Japanese anemones ( these need staking but they flower well), erythroniums, geranium phaeum 'Lily Lovage', geranium endressii, pulmonaria, sarcococcus and variegated euonymus and at the back a clematis montana that I keep well pruned after flowering so I get good leaves through the summer as well as low flowers in the spring.

Thank you that's a good selection for me to try and I will enjoy looking around the garden centres for them.

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