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Rich B

Shall i Plant out my Dahlias today??

There tubers from BnQ and im dying to get them in, especially now the wether seems to have turned......

But has it??

You might do better to pot them up first and plant out in about a month

Rich B

I cant keep the pots indoors.

I just dug out some from last year and the tubers seem green fleshy and, well Alive. am i wrong??they were bought when flowering and i planted them and they were a real sucess.

But you can whip them indoors if a late frost is threatened- if they are in pots

It is a judgement call-it is the tops that get damaged by frost-like potatoes-it may be worth the risk-it may not

But being in pots-you have the above option

Rich B


Great stuff.

Im gonna put 15 in a row about 30cm apart. Shall i dig a trench or can i just dig small holes to put them in. iv heard they love horse manure so im gonna put a turd in each hole.....

Good idea????



No way to the turd in each hole as that will burn your tuber.  They are not rotted enough to use on the garden yet.

Rich B


Iv dug a trench and mixed a bit of horse du da with the siol iv dug out, not to muck tho, as i havnt got that moch


Rich B

as you can probebly tell, im a novice....

Turds and du-da! Rich B, that made me cry laughing! Love it!

I think it is too early to be planting tubers into the soil yet. Shoots will normally appear within 3 weeks if planted in the ground, so they will be up by early May with a risk of frosts for another 3 weeks after that. As already said the new shoots are very susceptible to frosts. Here in Sheffield I start some in pots in cold greenhouse at the end of April and some directly into the ground in mid May.

Wait till May if you're not planning to start them indoors
Rich B, if you must plant out your dahlias.....too early really....then at least cover with fleece.....better still can you cover with polythene? Raised off the ground, hooped, or cloched.
Do not put horse manure in each hole. Your tubers will burn and rot. Make sure horse manure is thoroughly mixed with soil.
Dont rush Imto planting too soon. Waiting 4 weeks is sensible.
And hold off with watering right now.
Those tubers from B &Q will be very small.
Better to pot up and cover the pots with fleece or polythene if you have to put them out.
Those tubers will be "swamped" if you put them straight into the ground. It's very mild here but all my new dahlias, etc., are always grown on in pots until they are big plants and then planted out later.....Mid May.
Dont be in a rush....soil is still cold.

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