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Hi . Referring to the comments ref some Campanulas being a menace ( which they can be/.are) I wondered if we might all share a few expereinces about plants we have had "problems" with over our gardening experiences. Should be interesting and might give timely warnings in some cases to potential buyers of them -- bearing in mind as already stated (Fairygirl ack.) that different areas produce different results with different plants. Whatever it would give a caution to possible buyers. as to potential problems. I have had some as no doubt we all have. Worth a go? - I will kick off if yes.


...lots of shockers over the years, especially if you're used to having a small-ish garden..

Bluebells.. Spanish and Native -nice as they are in the right place.. you might soon have regrets about these...

Euphorbia 'fireglow' and Phygelius I found tiring after a while, with all the runners coming up fact I now avoid everything that ''spreads by underground runners''...


Wild strawberries - only 7 francs a kilo, as the song goes - but no wonder.


Almost all Alliums, All geraniums, Alchemilla mollis, alpina, erthropoda and another one which I can never remember the name, A shrubby Lonicera with white flowers and red berries, everyone of which has a viable seed which the birds spread everywhere. Elecampine (Inula something or other, Geums, even the named ones,

I could keep going, but if I had the energy to dead head these things..........

Oh and the worst seed thug of all, Aquilegia.



i have got rid of fireglow but phygelius not a problem but i wish i hadnt put lily of the valley in.

keep posting keen

Hi. Will leave out the "better known" (now) ones - also lets give Knot Weed a miss - though I never fell for it I have to   say I oftentimes stood and looked at a (masive) clump of it and admired that foliage.   One of the worst I planted in all innocence was a plant which is still readily seen in garden centres - Houttuynia cordata variegata - planted it in a shady rock bed and in no time at all it took over - had to totally dismantle it all and carefully wash all the rocks etc to remove every trace - managed it but never again will that plant ( or its green version) see my garden.

Another was called Geranium stapfianmum Roseum and it was that,  Roseum for sure a shocking pink but with pretty  light and dark foliage of typical family shape. Thing was as I recall its roots were made up of many tiny nodules and these got about everywhere  ( evryone a new plant) - put it in a pot finally to try and keep it out of mischief but still it got around. More to follow including ( when I can remember its a name) a horror called "Flowering Lettuce.


Hi all. Some real seeders there for sure but another ( though I love it to bits) is Fennel - never ever let those flower heads turn to seed and disperse as I did last year, forgot all about it. A lot of folk cut off the flowers as soon as they appear but I like that yellow contrasting with the (in my version) bronze foliage. Easily recognisable these seedlings and I have honestly plucked out hundreds thus far this year - I will not though be deterred from growing it.  I have had some real cracking double flowers from amongst self sown Aqulegias though as Berghill says they do get about.    Ref the Lily of the Valley well I inherited a long bed full of it along the garage wall but kept back by a path so it stays put - have to say i do love that beautiful scent in a small vase or two in the Spring.. It looks good also since theres climbing Roses and Clematis growing on that wall also, the L of V makes a pleasant green carpet under these.


Have to agree about euphorbia fIreglow.....

ArtemisIas like limelight. Houttynia chameleon, lysimachia firecracker, a "lovely purple clover, a gem I desperately wanted in my early days but now can't totally get rid of, hedychiums that take over within onsalvias are others to beware of.  Some salvias too, unless dug up and split almost yearly, can be bit invasive....guaranitica for example can spread quickly.  some grasses can run too.

I always check out plants new to me....if I know how they grow, how  to control them and still want them in my garden I will find ways of growing them

Hi Verdun. yes me likewise -  if I like them well I put them in a decent sized container. heres  a for-instance. The old Physostegia (Obedient plant ) like very much and in my last garden at Colchester it grew as a nice tidy slowly increasing clump - great.   Bought one for this current garden and during last growing season it spread to a good 3 feet across - had a terrible job to disentangle it from its neighbours. All is well now its safely in a pot - yes agreed it is a coarse common shocking pink old plant but I like it.

Hi all. Ref the Physostegia being a coarse common shocking pink old thing -- come to think of it so am I at times  -  don't you dare.


I was only doing the seed weeds. And been out gardening since and though of a lot more too!

We have four types of plants here, in order of frequency, thugs, dying, dead and desirable!

Was given some chinese gooseberries ( to eat) as a present. Didn't see much in them. Put them out for the birds when guest had left. Aaaaaagh!,,,, Almost as bad as mare's tail.

Hi all. Just a small deviation here from all this very serious stuff. According to my missus ( who has her own ideas about gardening) this plant is just about the biggest menace of the lot. Name is Keeny officinalis var. " Pestifero" ( amongst others depending on her mood.




Two of my customers have Russian vine (or had, until I took them out).  Chinese gooseberries - mine is well contained in a big pot!  Campanula..., lysimachia punctata,  lily of the valley and aquilegias seed themselves all over the place. 


...nice hat...

Hi Salino - all.. Yer I know I am  not the prettiest of plants. Ref that hat the badge on it is very very special to me - you I think amongst others will not know it and I will not explain .  This is one of the things which troubles me about some  PC sites - one talks to people but has no idea of what those talked to look like. Well now you all know me for what its worth. Is there any way if desired members here can contact each other off site if they would like too?.

I am done for today now but tomorrow all being well I will talk of a very humble  but lovely  ( to me ) plant which can be a real PITA. Probably one of the most beautiful though simple amongst all those I have grown over the years.

 Ref Ground Elder well this has been/is a menace to many many folk everywhere and is probably impossible to irredicate - you tell me -  have a good day.


..oh, that's why I said it's a nice hat... the insignia caught my eye... perhaps you'll tell us what it means, at some point... but no bother if you'd rather not...