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Lulu The Lurcher

Should I cut down my peony plants or just let them die back naturally?


Tree peony or herbaceous? Herbaceous I let die naturally and then cut off the dead brown stalks in Feb when I have a tidy up.

Yup tidy up in the spring, I read somewhere recently you should keep them fed and watered in Aug/ Sept as this is when they build up the flower buds for next year. Another tip is to CUT  the dead stems off when you see the fat buds I once pulled them away and the buds came away too.


Molly is my only hebaceous paeony and sometime within the next few weeks all her stems will come loose and fall over. I pick them up before the underplanted bulbs come through, (if I get round to it)

I leave my leaves on so i can find my plants again in the spring.


Lulu The Lurcher

I suppose leaving them until the spring might afford a bit of frost protection too. Thanks everyone

Stacey Docherty

Well I'm going against all advice... Last year in a temper tantrum cause my peony flowers rotted on the plant I chopped it right back. This year best display ever 25 dinner plate sized peonies!!!! So as soon as it had finished flowering I left it 2 weeks and cut it back to the ground again.... Will wait and see what happens next year! Probably killed it now!!!!!

Heather Michaels

Wasn't sure what to do with mine so I've left them. I'm gonna start chopping now Stacey, I did get some gorgeous flowers from mine but not too many so if a drastic cut down does the job i'm there, I'd love to get an abundance of flowers from mine next year. Here goes....

Lulu The Lurcher

Oooh err. On the horns of a dilemma now............

Heather Michaels

See me on here with my sad face on next year Lulu probably cos it wont work and I'll just have a splodge where the peony plant was this year!  That said I've been fairly harsh with a lot of things without to be honest any real knowledge or understanding of what I'm doing (novice gardner) but nothing has died yet or looks like it won't grow again. Just went for it on the basis that flowers seem to like to grow again and whatever seemed like common sense. I've asked for advice on some things but I'm such a novice I'd be on here morning, noon and night saying help so I'm taking the bull by the horns with a lot and just praying!

Some gardeners leave the foliage so that they know where to put the good stuff i.e compost or granular feed, depends how awful it looks in your garden, if it is hidden by taller plants as in those perfect large mixed Herbaceous borders we see in Country House gardens, then leave it alone, but feed and weed!

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