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Rose lady


I transfered this honeysuckle from a large pot into the ground. I did this last Autumn, and for some reason it has taken on quite a different appearence. It now looks like a small fruit tree, infact people have asked me what fruit tree im growing. Its



very tall and upright. It didnt flower this year either. Is this quite normal?

Photo attached.

Thank you



This is not honeysuckle. Maybe the honeysuckle died in the pot and a seeded tree took over. 

Looks a bit like one of the salix (willow) species

Rose lady

Oh!!! How strange. well thank you for that nutcutlet


Rose lady

Does anybody else have any suggestions as to what is growing in my garden?


many thanks


Looks like either a Bay or Beech to me :P


Rose lady

 Hi Mattbee87.

I'm really baffled because if you look at the photo just right of the hanging bird feeders I already have a bay growing there.The mystery shrub which I assumed was my honeysuckle which grew for years in a pot is now growing into something quite different. If you look behind the bay, thats where this thing is growing, and seems to be growing taller by the day....


Definitely not honeysuckle. Looks like wild tree to me too. Possibly damson


Silver surfer

I go with nutcutlet... Salix sp.

Notice the big  buds already .. waiting to burst open next spring.


Nut is usually right, SS!

Whatever it is, it would be hoiked-out sharpish if I found it in my garden - most wild trees grow far to big for urban gardens and the roots can be a devil with some of them sending suckers up even after the tree is cut down..


and if you have got room for a tree that one would be a bad choice


In contrast to what everyone else has said, I think it does look like a honeysuckle. It looks like mine, Henryi, and it does have very woody stems and darker green leaves than my other honeysuckles. It's evergreen also.

It's irritatingly familiar and not in a good way. It looks a bit like all those nasty suckers that come up from fruit trees, just can't think which one. Myrobalan plum?

Lion S

Nutcutlet and Silver Surfer are right, it is a Salix species. Most likely it's Salix caprea, also known as Goat  Willow. They can grow up to 9m (28ft) and need a lot of water, as most willow do. In the Netherlands they are ripped out of the garden as soon as people know what it is as it has an infamous reputation of growing it's roots in the drainage system which can and will be destroyed when the tree grows bigger.


Rose lady

Blimey!!! now thats worrying!! Ive attched another picture which ive just taken so  you guys can be super sure. I am left gobsmacked given that this thing which lived in a pot all these years and was 100% honeysuckle could have become this monster!! what has happened to my beautiful plant since transfering it from pot to ground then. Its only been out of the pot 13 months.

Mattbeer i hope it is like your honeysuckle



if youy'd posted that picture in the first place I don't think anyone would have suggested bay or Lonicera henreyii

your honeysuckle died would be my guess. How long since it flowered and looked like a honeysuckle? That tree looks 3 or 4 years from seed


Rose lady

nutcutlet, its been 2 years since it not liking this at all. oh well you win some and lose some  and looked like a honeysuckle in the pot, although very woody.


How closely did you look at it Rose lady?

If you expect something to be a honeysuckle it's easy to see one.

You do lose some. I have a list of all (or perhaps most) of the plants I've bought/grown over the years. There are a lot missing

Rose lady

Thank you nutcutlet, and everyone. Will keep a close watch till spring, then its coming out!!!

To addict...Be great if it was a Damson though