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Lulu The Lurcher

Dont know wether this should be dead headed. What do you think?


Do you know the variety?

Anyway deadheading won't hurt it. The only ones that are usually not deadheaded are those that produce colourful rosehips as you would lose them if you did. Deadheading will help prolong the flowering period and/or help with a second flush of roses later in the season.

If you go ahead but don't get any more flowers it may be a variety that only flowers once anyway. You can usually tell if it is a 'good' rosehip variety as it will already be quite fat behind the flower head.



 Here's mine Lulu, it's trying to climb the holly tree I use some of the lovely hips steeped in honey in winter. A tablespoon in hot water with breakfast helps the aches and pains 



I planted rose bush in March which was cut down to the ground, so above ground it's growing from scratch. It's still very small and has so far produced two flowers, one of which is now shrivelled up, and the other is still good but starting to fade.

Should I deadhead at this stage?

And should I wait until winter before pruning it, or can I do this as it grows to help shape the bush?



Jatnikapyar , can you explain the use of hips please,what do you d and when please

You can gather the Rose Hips once ripe and either make RoseHip Juice or RoseHip have at least a couple of months or more yet I think before you need was one of the "must do" late Summer/Autumn  picks in my childhood............along with all the other hedgerow plants.

Jatnik will have the exact details I am sure....she knows what she is doing


Hi Alan, you can use any roehips apart from the hybridised roses. I find that ramblers are are the best, only as they produce a good amount of berries.

I leave them till the autumn when they get plump and red. Then I pick them and remove any stalk and the remains of the dried flower.I   then wash and dry them and break the skin by placing them in a tea towel and bashing them. I then put them in a jar and fill it with honey, making sure that the hips are completely covered. The jars are then put in the larder for a fortnight. They do not need to go in the fridge. Before I use the honey, I remove and discard the hips(they are bitter)  and have a tablespoon of the honey in hot water with a squeeze of lemon or lime(it cleanses the system) with  my breakfast. It can also be eaten spread on toast. They are a bit expensive to buy, and as Philippa says you can pick them for free with your blackberries as well 

There is more info online too. 




Nice one thats for the trying this year many thanks folks

Lulu The Lurcher

Yes thanks everyone. I discovered some of the branches were suckers so I've cut them off

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