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Hi Everyone

I am looking for shrub to plant in a corner that grows about 6feet tall and has flowering. Something attractive for all seasons.  Maybe mix of red and green leaves....

It will be planted once the area is tidy (see pic) I will be planting small plants also so it will be to boost the area. its a part shade/sunny area depending on time of year.

The stump is a leylandii we had cut down



Any help would be great



May I suggest; feed the ground well and then plant a couple of roses - Compassion will grow as high as you want and has wonderful huge scented flowers in pinky/apricot and then look at rose companies online to choose another. Or choose a clematis that is evergreen.


Afteryou have replenished the soil you could plant an amelanchier. Shrub or tree, flowers, fruit and lovely autumn colour. Then you can grow things up it ,by it as well.


Dig in some manure or compost. Then look up some of these  - Fuschia Magellanica, Leycesteria Formosa, Hydrangia Paniculata, Spireas (many sorts), Hypericum Hidcote, Nandina Domestica. Or look up David Austin roses - beautiful, scented, repeat flowering, but most have prickles.

Joy H

Hi Frozz.  I have a tree about 6ft high with red and green leaves, it gives colour all year round, maybe one to consider, its a Red Robin Tree or proper name is Photinia.

 regards joy


Thanks everyone for the ideas. Everyone has introduced me to something I like, so will be adding those to rest of garden once I have decided what will be in the corner

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