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I have been given a cutting prof a plant shrunk, which is called a golliwogg. It has green leaves and a blue flower. Not exactly sure what sort of plant it is, any ideas please? Thank ou..


Sorry, Sarah, that's a new one on me!  Am posting this just so your question stays at the top of the 'latest posts' lists, in the hope that someone else might know more than me...


The only golliwog plant I could find on a search is a hemerocallis, it's not even vaguely blue. Was surprised to find anything. Didn't think it was a word we used now.

Thank you! Shrub looks ok just want to know a bit more about it.. Thanks again, fingers crossed somebody might know something!

I looked too, something did come up and was yellow, but didn't look anything like what I have. Thank you..



Can you describe the shrub Sarahlou, is it evergreen? large or small. What sort of flower does it have, what shape?

Any chance of a photo of the parent? or of the cutting?

Here is a picture...

 Ideas please? Thank you..

Lavender Lady

Looks like a cornflower to me from your upside down photo

Not a shrub but an annual but it is very pretty and once you have it in your garden you will always have it.  I love it, it is very pretty.


Could be the perennial cornflower centaurea montana. It's not the annual cornflower whichever way you look at it

Ooooh sorry about that! Ok will have a read on what conditions are needed thank you!

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