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 This is in my front Garden but not sure what it is and how to care for it,if someone would be so kind as to give me some advice.Also this rose,is there a specific name of rose and it also is in my front garden which is north facing and wondered can i up root it and re-plant in my back garden.


flowering rose

with out a flower its a bit hard to tell what rose,the above looks like a hebe ,might be wrong,but it looks healthy an occassional clip and leave alone.looks fine.


1st is definitely a Hebe ( Possibly Green Globe? ) There are 1000s of varieties of Roses that I doubt anyone will know without a flower photo unfortunately.


Hello coys

I like to grow,these "cushion" hebes as densely as possible.  A tidy spring now...with shears.  Try to encourage that round tight shape by cutting back but not too much into old wood.  


Would the rose be ok to move do you think? And the hebe,will i just leave be until next year.



Just looking at the hebe's on RHS plant selector and it looks like the Emerald Gem?


This is a flower off the rose kindly removed by the neighbours kids and the reason i want to move it.



Coys.    There are loads of simliar hebes with little between them.  However these dome varieties are treated just the same.  Leave til next spring....wait until last frosts in your area.

Your Rose doesn't look too big.  I would move in few weeks' time....try to get a reasonable rootball and prune half way back.  Then prune in spring to outward facing buds. .....trying to create a nice open balanced vase shaped bush.  Nice mulch too when you move it and a good feed next spring.

Just a quick tip, dig out the new planting hole before you dig up the rosé, then it's home will be ready. Digging is hard work in my stony garden and I have run out of energy before. Once rose is planted, at the same level as its previous home, give it a big drink.

...of whisky

Damn......should have said rose (wine)

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