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A friend of mine has been growing this and has lost the label so can't look it up to see why it is just sitting there and not doing anything - same size for 2 years now.   Her soil is very free draining and contains lots of coal heap slag but she and her OH do work in loads of compost every year to improve it.

If you chaps can identify it she can maybe work out what else it needs to flourish.

Looks like hello stemmed dogwood to me

cornus flavirameau

Yellow stemmed I meant to type!


Thanks Flowerlady.  I have that in my own garden and the stems are similar but the leaves a bit different.  I planted mine in a woodland corner and, as the taller trees and shrubs provide more shade, it has migrated forwards towards the light with great vigour...........  

Sorry - I'm stumped then!

best wishes

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