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I know I should know what this is .... but I don't .... anyone around to ID this please?


Thank you Silver surfer ... I looked up Aesculus in my book but  I wasn't sure ...  the pics didn't seem quite right .... but those links are great.  Now I can tell my friend 



Thanks Ss ... I've passed that on to my friend 


Hi again Ss ... my  friend thanks you and has come back with this query ....... "

" ...I'm reassured to know that it's slow growing as it's been planted above where I think our Victorian water supply pipe runs. I wonder if it would survive replanting into a container/pot? What time of year would be best to do this? 

Silver surfer

I would prepare it now by cutting a circle to severe any roots... well away from the trunk....see pic.

Refill with top fibrous roots will grow. Water. Leave

But not attempt to move it till the autumn when it is dormant. Dig whole  large circle up ..roots and all...replant at same depth.

Don't think it would fit a pot.

Fingers crossed

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Thanks again Ss .......... I've passed that on 

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