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Hi, does anyone know what this shrub is please. I saw it at Regents Park. It's an evergreen shrub about a metre high. Waxy oval leaf with what appears to be a small white flower in the middle of the leaf.

Thanks for looking, Ian

Daniel Haynes

Hello Ian. This is a species of Ruscus - possibly Ruscus hypophyllum, or Ruscus x microglossum. It's a strange beast, isn't it?



many thanks . Very little info in the books or the internet. I am plumping for "Ruscus x microglossum" as the bracts only appear on the upper leaf.

Now to find one.

br. Ian

Please could someone identify this plant for me?

 I saw it in India but haven't been able to identify it.

Thanks, Martin

Hi Martin,

              I live in New York and have only grown them in pots but it looks like bougainvillea to me. Hope this helps.


Definitely bougainvillea - I have one in pot I bought last year after falling in love with them in Greece, a beautiful plant. It did very well in the garden over the summer, and wintered well indoors too.

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