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I need a couple of large, attractive shrubs to plant in our lawn. The spot will mostly be in full sun, maximum eventual size about 8' x 8'. Good well drained soil. Would like something that either has a long flowering period or attractive foliage. Country garden. Any suggestions ??

Photinia 'Red Robin' is a good shrub. Evergreen and the new leaves are red also flowers in summer. Eleangus is also good for all year leaf colour, yellow/silver.

Thank you for that suggestion ! We are going to a large garden centre this morning to have a look at some shrubs so I will make sure we look at this Photinia !!

How did your garden centre visit go ? Anything catch your eye ?

Bit of a disappointment Garden centre recommended by neighbours, but the stock of shrubs was abysmal and they all needed a good water Had driven 30 miles to get there Went back to our small, local garden centre for lunch and managed to see a Photinia. Definitely consdering this together with a Rhododenron Luteum and a Viburnum Opulus Roseum (which we had here but lost during building work).

Does anyone know the best time of year to plant these ???




Autumn is the best time to plant. Soil is warm, they get a chance to get their roots down before winter and you shouldn't have to water so much   at that time of year.


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