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Bunny ...
I have an exposed back corner , full sun, wind and would like to plant a shrub possibly in the back corner for height . I have a yellow dogwood in there a red and yellow broom against the neighbours fence , hawthorn at back fence/field which i hate and tend to use an obelisk at the back corner. The field behind is hay/sileage and often has cattle , sheep in . I don't need evergreen as to be honest I have lost ceanothus and red robin at the back or should I stick with obelisk .
flowering rose

a flowering red currant does well almost anywhere and can look lovely in spring,plenty of straw and manure at the right time will have blooming well,goes well with forsythia.

Not sure about space you actually have, but would variegated holly fit the bill? Can be pruned and hollies look good trimmed to their natural conical shape. Or, cotinus royal purple which would look good next to yellow leaved dogwood
Bunny ...
I shall look at both of those thank you , I was looking at a kerria I have moved (currently in a temporary pot) and wondered if that may go in there also.... I may end up with a larger bed and re doing it at this rate .

Go for the larger bed. There's lots of shrubs out there.

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