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Hi All

I have a few shrubs that have lived in containers for several years in my previous 'courtyard' garden that was all containers. 

I have a large Skimmia, a fairly small Acer, a small Pieris, and a medium sized Cotinus.

I've recently moved to a house with a 'proper' garden, and I now want to get them in the ground.

Can anyone advise if this is the right time to do this, or if it's best to wait until the plants are dormant.  I've had them all for years and would be devastated if I lost them now.

Thanks in advance - Steph.


As long as you tease out the roots a bit and keep them watered the growing season is good for establishing plants. I think they'd be grateful for the release


Check the ph of your soil - I don't know what area you are in. You might need to add some ericaeous compost/mulch around your plants  which like an acid soil.

Just going to make the point Daintiness made.  Especially the pieris needs acid soil.  If its not acid keep the pieris in a pot.

Thoss plants will safely be planted now.  Just keep them well watered this summer


Thanks so much all. Much appreciated.

There's a Pieris already well established in the garden - plus rhododendrons and a camellia so I'm hoping it will be OK.  It is on the other side of the garden (only a few meters away) so should I test to be sure?

Also, where I'm planning to plant is very shady.  I'm hoping this will be OK for these plants, though I have read the Continus needs sun.  Is this correct?

All advice gratefully received.

Thanks again - Steph



You should be fine if there are already acid loving plants growing well. You have done your research on positioning - they should enjoy the freedom of the soil.


The cotinus might be better in sun but see how it gets on.

Choisya are said to like sun but do better in the shade for me. Maybe Cotinus will do the same


Thanks all. 

I'm excited now to plant them out.  I'll be out in the rain this weekend I think!

Thanks again - Steph

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